Por Siempre (Forever) Sympathy Card


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Drawing from Nat’s Mexican culture, and our collective experience of losing a loved one, we created this sympathy card. Regardless of who we lose—human or companion animal—the experience of grief is deep and unique to each of us, and we believe beloved pets deserve more than a rainbow bridge card.
In collaboration with lettering artist Roselly Monegro, and wordsmith Jen Caudill, we created this sympathy card to hopefully bring some comfort to anyone who has lost someone, and to share a little petal of tradition from Mexico, where we believe that remembering our loved ones and honoring them every year, keeps them close to us, Por Siempre (Forever).
Outside: “Por Siempre”
Inside: “Running through our memory. Carrying messages on the breeze. Shining from the night sky. Tattooed on our hearts. Remembered, Forever.”
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