The Labs & Co. Model Network

Creating commercial project opportunities for talented dogs, cats and their people.

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Share the details (we love this stuff) of your dog or cat’s talents and personality and we’ll find the perfect opportunity for them to shine.

Models make it look so easy. But there’s a lot of work in looking your best on camera. We have a ton of fun, but we’re looking for human+animal teams that show up to work it, work it (work being the keyword here).


Is it free to join the Model Network?
Yes! 100% free and zero pressure.

How does it work?
By joining the Model Network, you will be among the first to hear about fun opportunities to take part in our commercial photoshoots for brands of all sizes. We’ll shoot you an exclusive email (our models are VIPs) before the casting call is made public, giving you first dibs on the project.

How are models selected for a project?
Each project is different. Sometimes, the client has specific ideas regarding breed/mix/size they need and others are open to everyone. Sometimes, specific skills like holding an object in their mouth, are requested. We do our best to find the perfect pairing of dogs to projects.

What if my dog doesn’t like other dogs, or can’t be off-leash?
Our FIRST PRIORITY is to make sure our photoshoots are fun, positive experiences for everyone, ESPECIALLY your dog. The more we know about your dog’s personality, talents and needs, the better we can customize the experience. We match the dog to the shoot and rarely have dogs cross paths. Our casting call will tell you if we will be shooting in a public space. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any shoot, never hesitate to ask.

Can I see the photos? Can I buy or get copies of the files?
The short answer here is No. Here’s why. Because these are commercial photography projects for brands, each brand has its own usage rights to images, which means they are not available to purchase. We do our best to tag folks on social media whenever we see the images out in the wild. We have no way of knowing when the images will be used, but we encourage you to follow the brands online and keep a lookout.

Is there compensation for taking part in shoots?
Yes. It varies by project and brand budget. This ranges from free product and gift prints to cash. And, as a Model Network member, you have a forever-valid 20% coupon, applicable to schedule a personal portrait session with your dog or cat. Or if you prefer to use it to purchase prints or digital files from that session.

How can I improve our chances at getting picked for a project?
We do our best to give everyone a chance to participate. If you have yet to participate in a shoot, please let us know when you reply to a casting call. First-timers are given priority, provided you’re a good match for the project. Quick tip: Teach your dog skills and tricks and be sure you’ve nailed your basic obedience. Let us know what you can do together!