Bill, Nat & Co.

We’re a small but mighty creative team of dog nerds who know the life-altering power of that One dog. The game-changer. Our journey as photographers and graphic artists dedicated to the world of companion animals began with our Canis Major, a black Labrador named Corbin. His life and legacy changed ours forever. He is the original Lab in The Labs & Co.

As lifelong advocates of art, lovers of all things wild, and mindful students of the animal world, our greatest contribution comes alive through animal photography, illustration and design with a distinctly human touch. Combining everything we love, building The Labs & Co. was serendipitous, if not fate. We work with companies big and small, new and established. Our people are those that want to explore beyond the status quo; who went on to build brands that began just as we did – as passionate humans huddled around tables, venturing out to create something inspired in great part by that One game-changer animal.

Together with a couple of amazing felines and Willow—the dog that carries on the Canis Major legacy—we live and thrive by our life’s passion: to honor the unique, intimate connection we share with animals and the belief that a life-well-lived can be both wildly free and deeply rooted. We’re here to connect with and elevate individuals and brands who agree.


We live for the thrill of intimate connection and adventure.
The euphoria of earning the trust of that one dog.
The freedom of a week in the wild together, with nothing but our packs.

We believe in following curiosity. In Art. In Relationships. In Nature.
If it there is a new trail to blaze… we’re there.

We work for representation, conservation and self-expression. For not just the welfare and wellbeing of earth and its many hearts, but for the right and privilege of those hearts to beat freely, in whatever way feels true for them.
We’re here to elevate individuals and brands who agree.

We savor spaciousness, craftmanship and moments that overflow the senses: sunshine, drinks and laughter with old friends, homemade Mexican enchiladas, picking fresh mint and tangerines from the garden, drinking in sunrise and hot coffee on a morning hike.
Enjoying a landscape that would not be complete without a dog in it.

This intoxicatingly special, sun-filled sweet spot is the most productive place for us to create from… we hope our work feels like a wildly free, deeply rooted life well-lived.

hiker with dog

Corbin, Canis Major

That One Dog

Beyond a single star, a whole constellation. Corbin, Canis Major

In 2006, our young black lab, Corbin, got cancer. We fought it alongside him, willed him to live and, we photographed him. Stilling the time that passed by too quickly. Marking the moments we all had together as a family. Corbin beat cancer, and before we knew it, photographing the intimate human-hound connection became our life’s passion. And there you have it. Corbin’s our Great Dog. Our constant constellation and the brightest star in our sky.

After 16 blissful and cancer-free years together, our beloved Canis Major rejoined the stars in September of 2020; peacefully at home, surrounded and held by everyone and everything he loved.

Canis Major Tribute