We live for adventure. The adventure of befriending that one dog. Adventure that’s a week in the woods, with nothing but our pack.

We believe in exploration. Of nature and relationships. Education, artistry and ideas.

We work for conservation. For the welfare of earth and all hearts. For people-helping-animals-helping-people.

We savor these things. Both tangible and unseen. Because once your world has been opened up to them, they’re forever imprinted on your skin.

We’re dog nerds and outdorks on a mission to elevate philosophy-focused brands through communication art.

Beginnings > Why The Labs & Co.

As lifelong advocates of art, lovers of all things wild, and mindful students of the animal world, our greatest contribution comes alive through animal photography, illustration and design. Combining our extensive education and professional experience, The Labs & Co was serendipitous, if not fate.

We seek the brands that began just as we did – as passionate humans huddled around tables, venturing out to build a business based on that one dog.

We work with companies big and small, new and established. We really, really dig folks who just aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Our signature style is defined by natural light, perfectly imperfect analog, and illustration and graphic design with a distinctly human touch.

That One Dog

Corbin, Canis Major

They say every journey begins with a single step. Ours began just the same. In 200-, our young black lab, Corbin, got cancer. We fought it alongside him. We willed him to live. And, we photographed him. Stilling the time that passed by too quickly. Marking the moments we all had together as family. Well, that damn dog got better, and before we knew it, photographing the human-hound connection became our life’s passion. And there you have it. Corbin’s our Great Dog. Our constant constellation and the brightest star in our sky.


© Jesse Freidin

© Heaven McArthur

© Heaven McArthur

Bill & Nat

Our journey’s been shaped by the life-altering power of that one dog. The one that flipped our world on its heels. The one we’ve got tattooed on our skin. That one dog we can’t speak of without our throats tightening.

Experienced that, too? We knew we liked you.

We are teammates, business partners and family. Educated and experienced in multiple disciplines ranging from photography, art direction to graphic design as well as illustration and writing. We live and work in Petaluma (California), where we enjoy hiking, camping, delicious local food and the occasional (AKA: not so occasional) wine tasting.

We draw by hand, shoot with film, sip tequila (or whiskey) and often get lost in the forest.

Check out our ETHOS for more.

Field Experience

© Heaven McArthur

© Heaven McArthur

Bill Parsons

  • Photography education at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.
  • BFA for Commercial/Advertising Photography at Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Former Producer at DDB San Francisco.
  • Former instructor at Academy of Art University, San Francisco.
  • Co-Art Director, Producer and Project Manager for all Labs & Co. expeditions.
  • Supporting sales, marketing and product development for P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You.
  • Cat whisperer, banjo player and geek.
  • Beer maker and part-time Star Wars Stormtrooper who has been known to laugh an old man laugh from deep within his lungs when something is really, really funny.

Natalia “Nat” Martinez

  • Fine Arts and Digital Imaging BFA at Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Graphic Design BFA at Art Institute of California, San Francisco.
  • Freelance designer and illustrator, and proud independent creative since 2007.
  • Graduate of Trish King’s Canine Behavior Academy, equal-parts dog and cat nerd.
  • Fully bilingual (English/Spanish).
  • Pint-sized phenom with a big laugh and sense of curiosity. Friend of beasts, adorer of wolves.
  • Bookworm, avid hiking enthusiast, lover of ice cream, whiskey and tequila.
  • She’s “Nat” to friends, which means she hopes she’ll be “Nat” to you.

© Heaven McArthur

© Heaven McArthur

& Co.

© Heaven McArthur

© Heaven McArthur


  • Guaranteed to be everyone’s best friend.
  • Just like the Dyson “Animal” vacuum, he’ll never lose suction when food is around.
  • He’s been named Corbin the Saint, for his unmeasurable kind soul and good nature.
  • His saintliness allows him to get away with some “selective hearing.”
  • Hero and brother bear to Willow the Wild.
  • We think he speaks in Jeff Bridge’s voice, with a George Clooney effect on the ladies.
  • #CorbinTheSaint on Instagram

© Heaven McArthur

© Heaven McArthur


  • A wolf and a cat trapped in a dog’s lanky body.
  • Our ambassador of the “Foster-Fail” badge and fearful dog who taught us to be brave.
  • Hike buddy to Nat and inspiration behind the 365 Dog Hikes passion project.
  • Shelter dog therapist and kindergarten puppy teacher.
  • Canine Circus School graduate, graceful comedian, a ballerina and a clown
  • Eyes like a yellow crescent moon, follower and protector of her brother Corbin the Saint.
  • #WillowTheWild on Instagram

© Amy Soper of House of Wee

© Amy Soper of House of Wee


  • Queen beast of our homefront.
  • The smallest in stature, the oldest in age and the largest in personality.
  • She invented the term “Tortietude.”
  • Purse and bag inspector.
  • Master at cuddling.
  • Enforcer of the word: NOW
  • #IttyBittyZenKitty on Instagram

© Amy Soper of House of Wee

© Amy Soper of House of Wee

Artemis aka RT

  • A dog that went to sleep and woke up as a cat.
  • Introverted until there is food to be had.
  • A true house-panther.
  • Working on his Circus Cat degree.
  • Talented masseur and unlicensed acupuncturist
  • Dog groomer
  • #RTkitty on Instagram