Your Story in Moving Pictures

The rush of excitement to see a concept brought to life. The goosebumps of ethereal lighting. Whether tear-threatening and emotional or fun and energetic, moving images and scenes
set against a great piece of music or voice over can be an incredible way to represent and share your brand’s story. Video can touch an audience like very few other mediums can, and it can be an easy and shareable way to get your brand noticed.

A great video does not need to be complicated, which is why we keep our gear minimal, light and unobtrusive. We have collaborated with brands big and small for a wide range of projects. Our goal is to make creating beautiful imagery for your brand easy, fun and efficient.

so you don’t have to
  • Brand kick-off call
  • Shoot planning/scheduling
  • Animal/Human model casting
  • Location scouting
  • Video storyboarding
  • Image/sound editing and color correction
  • Music/soundtrack selection
  • Output set-up for easy sharing