VIDEO: Heart of The Labs

Posted on Jun 3, 2014
VIDEO: Heart of The Labs

We truly love what we do for a living. As animal photographers, a typical day at work for us involves time spent with dogs or cats and the people who love them, creating photographs that speak of a timeless bond, where pets are far more than just pets; they are partners, companions, friends, soul mates… they are family. Take a peek inside who we are — a couple of animal lovers and photography geeks who frequently still shoot with film, how we became a celebrated creative team — inspired by a certain black Labrador, what working with us is like — from the lips of some of our favorite clients, and most importantly, why we do what we do.

At the center and heart of who we are as The Labs are three things: a love and appreciation for companion animals and their people, to be of service and give back to our community and to have fun in our professional lives. These three things go hand in hand with one another, and the balance of the three inspire us to create work we are proud of and have a great time producing.

It all started because of a dog — a beloved black Labrador named Corbin. The word “cancer” is the last thing you want to hear from your vet’s mouth. Thankfully, we caught it early, and Corbie beat it. The love and support of fellow dog lover friends was key to helping us get through that fight. That support and compassion from others, combined with the realization of how precious our time with these creatures is, ultimately inspired and became Photo Lab. Photographing Corbin and our lives with him — and knowing that this was something we could gladly do for others — became our mission, and after a lot of hard work and preparation, our dream job.

Today, we work hard and play hard, and this wonderfully crazy idea has helped us connect to amazing people who share our values and passion for companion animals. Whether they are families we photograph or working with business owners involved in the pet industry, our dedication is the same: giving 150% to creating a great experience from start to finish and leaving them with images we put our heart and soul into.

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Client Love

There is nothing quite like making a connection with a person over a shared love. Putting our heart and soul into everything we create has time and again left us humbled with the response from our clients.
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A Creative Collaboration

This gorgeous film is the result of the collective effort and participation of a small village of amazing people. There were more than a few laughs and good meals shared, making this whole experience one we will never forget.
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About Bill & Nat

Our world is one in which art and animals come together in a wonderful way. Photography is about savoring the “now” and preserving it to continue enjoying it later. It is a privilege to get to work with animals so tied to the human condition.
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