To Earth (Day), with Love

Posted on Apr 22, 2018
To Earth (Day), with Love

Earth. Our glorious and delicate little blue planet.

Our greatest playground and the scenery for every adventure we go on with our dogs (and cats).

It’s only fitting, then; to celebrate Earth Day with a little passion film we created with the help of great friends.

Oh, and Here’s to women in the great outdoors!

Please share. Please Care… for our one wild and precious world.

This Is Where We Were Meant To Be from The Labs & Co. on Vimeo.


Video Production, sound editing: Bill Parsons

Art Direction: Natalia Martinez

Writing: Jen Caudill, featuring The Summer Day by Mary Oliver

Voiceover: Amy Soper

Music: Dreams (feat. Eebee) by Generdyn via Musicbed

Our humans and dogs featured in the film:
Amy, Oakley and Melvin | Katie and Mila | Jen and Poppy | Nat and Willow.

Happy Earth Day everyone!