The Top 10 Most Requested Dog Modeling Skills

Posted on Oct 2, 2023
The Top 10 Most Requested Dog Modeling Skills

If you’ve been following along with our Dog Model series: The Makings of a Great Dog Model and Dogs + Human Teams: The Human Side of Dog Modeling, then this one’s FOR YOU. We’ve worked hand in paw with SO many unique and talented dogs, and based on our experience and the brands we’ve worked with, these are some of the most requested dog modeling skills they want your pup to have.

The Top 10 Most Requested Skills our Brand Clients Ask For:

1. Shaped retrieve (go pick up a thing and bring it to me/camera)

2. Static hold (hold object in mouth, like a toy or specific prop)

3. A comfortable “Down” (relaxed on one hip / with chin on paws / fully relaxed on their side) this one is especially popular with any shoot involving a dog bed.

4. Front paws up on item or surface

5. A to B cued movement (start by standing on one target marker and move to the other when cued to do so)


6. Toy play! All kinds of toys, just proper dog joy and fun with toys of different materials

7. Attention to handler, the human + dog connection

8. Rock solid recall at a distance


9. Loose and polite leash walking next to human


10. Expressions like “ears” (cue ears up), “smile” (relaxed, open mouth, happy pant) and the always popular “head-tilt”.

So, friends, what are you waiting for?? Go get to practicing these 10 most requested skills our brand clients ask for and let’s land your first dog modeling gig!


P.S. If you want a little more insider information on what it’s really like being a dog model, take a peek at some of our behind-the-scenes clips, and watch how these dog models interact with us and their handler:


A solid, solid bond with his owner with a relaxed, off-leash stay and a head tilt on cue.



His attention to his owner alone is a goldmine! 

He didn’t budge and gave us exactly what we needed for the shot. 😍