SCOUT AND ABOUT: from sketchbook to trail with P.L.A.Y.

Posted on Mar 22, 2018
SCOUT AND ABOUT: from sketchbook to trail with P.L.A.Y.
We here at The Labs have built a lovely partnership throughout the years with P.L.A.Y. It has been a wonderful experience to see them and be a part of helping them grow their brand and product line.

Scout and About started with a simple pattern I had illustrated for a durable fabric that was water resistant, strong and easy to clean.
From a pattern fabric, there came toys, foldable bowls, tents and chill pads. We designed the badge logo and photographed the whole product line in use by multiple dogs of all shapes and interests along with their humans.

At the end of 2017, we set out to create a couple of videos for this line. It would be an incredibly fun project that would take us from the beach to the river and everywhere in between.

It was a lot of work, a lot of editing, a lot of weather watching and coordinating. There were sunglasses lost in the surf, soaked boots, sand in mouth, wagging tails and a lot of laughing above all else.

There was a big team behind these videos, each person (and dog) playing a key role, from the brand team at P.L.A.Y. and our hound and human models to our amazing brand copywriter (thank you Jen Caudill!), our voice over artists and from start to finish, our master of video production and art direction.

As this video premiers at Global Pet Expo, we hope it inspires more people to get outside with their dogs and go on an adventure, whatever that may mean to them.

We are proud of this product line, and prouder still of what it will become.

Watch the video!

Scout and About – Outdoor Line by P.L.A.Y. from The Labs & Co. on Vimeo.

Watch our Behind the Scenes Shenanigans

Behind the scenes on Scout and About shoot with The Labs and Co. from The Labs & Co. on Vimeo.

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  1. Linda
    March 22, 2018

    So proud of you!