Reasons Behind Those Top 10 Dog-Friendly Cities In The US

Posted on Jan 24, 2017
Reasons Behind Those Top 10 Dog-Friendly Cities In The US

Guest Post by Sloan McKinney

Big news names like The Entrepreneur and the The Huffington Post regularly release articles on the “Top Ten Dog-Friendly Cities In The US.” Although their opinions may vary some on which cities actually deserve this honor, it’s interesting to look at their reasoning behind these choices.

But first, let’s look at Portland, Oregon, who has more dog parks per capita than any other town in our nation, yet they didn’t make it onto either of these lists. You would think that a city this dog-friendly would make an appearance in these rankings, but there are other considerations when it comes to making the best location for dog lovers to live with their four-legged friends.

Let’s take a look at each of the aforementioned posts to see the cities they chose and the reasoning behind the criteria they picked for the best pet friendly towns. First, let’s see what The Huffington Post had to say on the subject, their selections were:

  1. San Francisco, California
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. Denver, Colorado
  4. San Diego, California
  5. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  6. Sacramento, California
  7. Chicago, Illinois
  8. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  9. Tucson, Arizona
  10. New, York, New York

The Huff Post highlighted data that was analyzed and given to them by Smart Asset, a financial consulting firm, in order to deliver their choices for animals living the lush life in the US. Their study looked at the number of dog parks, shopping areas and restaurants that welcomes our four-legged friends into their establishments. They also included stats on the quality of life into this equation, which included weather, walkability and housing costs.

On the other hand, the Entrepreneur’s picks were as follows:

  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. Birmingham, Alabama
  3. Tampa, Florida
  4. Lexington-Fayetteville, Kentucky
  5. Scottsdale, Arizona
  6. Reno, Nevada
  7. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  8. Cincinnati, Ohio
  9. Las Vegas, Nevada
  10. Saint Louis, Missouri

Similarly, these choices were made by another financial reporting website, The Wallet Hub. After they analyzed 100 of the largest cities in the US, their data gleaned towns with the most affordable pet services, an abundance of pet wellness and resources available along with an abundance of outdoor, pet-friendly spaces to arrive within their results.

Weird Questions With Similarities And Differences

A quick glance reveals two gambling towns – both located in Nevada – Reno and Las Vegas – made the grade on each of these lists. Do these cities that make the bulk of their revenue on gambling offer better resources for pet owners compared to others that aren’t hand-in-hand with Lady Luck? Do these desert environments offer better health for both their masters and companion animals? Those weren’t a part of the protocol for either of these inquiries into the health of us and our pets.

On the other hand, California took several spots, but only found on the Huffington highlights post. Does a beach environment and proximity to the coast make a better picture with our pets? And what about animal shelters, rescue organizations and those who help to remove and control pests and wildlife that make our city streets and suburban areas safer for pets?

Draw And View Your Own Conclusions

Given all of this important data, what makes your ideal living situation for both you and your pets? Is it the proximity to the coastline that keeps your water-friendly dog happy and healthy when he runs on the beach? Or does the desert environment make it easier for you and your canine to breathe easier and live a more healthy lifestyle?

Remember that being a better animal owner also makes for a happier and healthier environment for our pets. Obeying leash laws, cleaning up our dog’s waste, keeping their vaccinations current are all ways that we can make our cities safer for pets and humans.

Wherever you and your pet are happy and healthy is what’s the most important part of any equation. Whether we’re living in the mountains, comfortable on city streets or happy in the suburbs, ultimately that’s what is most important … our happiness. That we’re all happy in our environment with our friends and family, including our four-legged companions.

About author Sloan McKinney

Sloan McKinney is a journalist based in Southern California. After writing about pop culture for a number of years, she has recently begun writing for a new audience. Inspired by DeAnthony, her cat, as well as her dog Max, Sloan now hopes to help other pet owners guarantee their animal companions happy and healthy lives.