Promise to My Dog is now a beautiful T-Shirt!

Posted on Apr 5, 2013

from the Design Lab

If you follow our blog and Photo Lab Facebook page or Instagram feed (@the_labs), you are surely familiar with our little pack of dogs and cats; in which case you’d be familiar with our special girl Willow, our recently adopted Shepherd/Kelpie mutt. On Willow’s adoption day and while really thinking about having her go from “foster” to “forever” dog, I was inspired to write her a little promise and wrote  blog post about it; you can read that HERE.
I guess it must have struck a chord with my fellow dog lovers, because the post and the image of Willow with her written promise that accompanied it, went viral.

I am truly delighted to see how many people share our feelings for Willow, for their own dogs; and honestly humbled that something I wrote could touch so many. Our blog post somehow came across Dog is Good and shortly after, they contacted us about possibly making it a t-shirt. We were delighted to lend our work, and a piece that is so personal and meaningful to us, to such a great company and group of people. The best part? This t-shirt will hopefully do good for other dogs just like Willow, in shelters and rescues waiting for a family of their own. Dog is Good is working out details so that a portion of the proceeds of this shirt will benefit the shelter and rescue world.

That just fills me with glee, for there is nothing we find more rewarding in our line of work than to be able to give back.

A couple of fun details about the T-Shirt we designed for Dog is Good:

– Yep, that is indeed Willow, sitting under a Willow tree on the front of the t-shirt 🙂

– Charcoal gray is one of my favorite colors in the world, and Dog is Good found a way to incorporate it into the design.

– The original message was not altered at all except to change from “to our newly adopted dog” to “to my dog” to make it a bit more universal. Every dog deserves love, regardless of where they came from.

– See that little puppy with a bandanna on the back of the tee? Yep, that is a baby Corbin, THE Photo Lab, Willow’s big brother. In a small way, we got to pay tribute to him as well.

Dog is Good came up with the sleeve detail, an even more personal nod to our girl by having her image repeated there and adding the words “Make a Promise, Make a Difference” This is truly meaningful to us, because more than once, we have been told that Willow is one of the lucky ones, her fate would likely have been very different if Sonoma Humane Society hadn’t rescued her and we hadn’t fostered and later adopted her.

People may say Willow is lucky, but I see it differently. How lucky are we to find such an incredible dog like her?

To get your hands on one of these t-shirts, click HERE.

A special Thank You to everyone who has followed Willow’s story, and everyone near and far who shared our blog post and for the love you give to your dogs and cats every single day. You inspire me. <3

And Thank You to our dear friends at Dog is Good, for making Willow’s promise, one that everyone can share with their dogs, for staying true to the message and the story that inspired it.

Lastly, a huge Thank You to Sue Kernek of Sonoma Humane Society for bringing this amazing dog into our lives.

To all of the above, thank you a million times, thank you.

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