They say every once in a while, a dog comes into your life and changes everything. We have been lucky in our lives to have not one of those, but two. Corbin was the first, who set us off into a journey that today is what you see here in The Labs & Co., and Willow, the second. She has opened our little world to a whole new realm of possibilities. She is at once our connection to all that is wild and all we love about the great outdoors, as she is close and intimate to all of our shadowy corners. We have never met such a strikingly expressive dog, and getting lost in those yellow eyes against a canvas of wilderness, well, to say she is one of our greatest muses would not do her justice. She has inspired our continued study and education in canine behavior and cognition, allowed us a deeper understanding of how we can do our job better as animal photographers and became the staple and signature behind our 365 Dog Hikes passion project.

ART DIRECTION: Natalia Martinez + Bill Parsons