Getting to work on projects we support and believe in feels as sweet as that perfect cup of coffee on a cool morning. Not only that, working alongside passionate and talented fellow photographers is not just an honor, but a pleasure. Such was the case with an urban coyote photography project, the brainchild of wildlife/conservation photographer Jaymi Heimbuch. The project’s photography team wanted a brand that would help their project get seen, attract supporters and most importantly, help them bring awareness to the importance and plight of an important and often controversial predator. Our work together included the creation of a watermark to protect and credit their photography and a versatile logo that would tell the story of urban coyotes. The result was a stunning piece that people can wear or display in their home. They have since created various items with their logo, such as t-shirts, mugs, totes, hoodies, prints and stickers and the purchase of any item will support and help fund their project.

CLIENT: Jaymi Heimbuch

ART DIRECTION: Natalia Martinez, Jaymi Heimbuch, Morgan Heim, Karine Aigner