As photographers ourselves, it can often be hard to step in front of the camera, but it is that sense of understanding which helps us put the other person at ease in portraiture. Comfort and ease are easier said that done, but when it comes to having your best friend by your side, all those worries seem to disappear. Case and point of Eileen Bauer and her golden girl Sunny. Eileen is a portrait photographer herself, and we felt very honored to be trusted with photographing her and Sunny together, one gorgeous afternoon in San Francisco.

CLIENT: Eileen + Sunny Bauer

“Being a photographer myself and although I have hundreds of photos of my dogs, I didn’t have any of us together. After almost losing my Golden Retriever last year, I decided I needed photos of the two of us together. After researching photographers, I fell in love with the Photo Lab style. It was just what I was looking for. Bill and Nat were wonderful to work with. I never felt like we had a time limit and they were so patient and good with my dog. The pictures came out beautiful and I was so happy with the finished products. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to capture beautiful images of their pets.”

—Eileen Bauer