Marketing Photography

Great photography and marketing can make an impactful difference in the lives of countless shelter pets. From promoting current adoptable animals, creating compelling imagery to get the attention of potential adopters and donors to the shelter and inspiring a lifestyle based on companionship, kindness and compassion; all this and more is what is possible with a great partnership between photographers and animal rescue organizations. For Sonoma Humane, we have photographed an entire library of animals they have helped, staff and volunteers at work as well as documented countless success and inspiring stories for their monthly publication North Bay Pets.

Through our membership with HeARTs Speak, we volunteer some of our photography work to help promote pets with long-term stays at the shelter or special needs.

CLIENT: Sonoma Humane Society

ART DIRECTION: Wendy Welling + Natalia Martinez

“We love working with Nat and Bill. Not only are they very professional and easy to work with, they connect with our shelter animals in such a respectful, compassionate way. They always deliver more than just a photograph… they capture soul, emotion and stories.”

—Wendy Welling, Marketing Director, Sonoma Humane Society