Lifestyle Marketing Library for P.L.A.Y.

How do you capture your target market’s attention and turn them into loyal customers that love your product? Inspire desire. P.L.A.Y.’s toys and beds are designed with the modern dog and cat lover (not to mention designed specifically for dogs and cats) in mind. They make fun, colorful products designed to look good in your home. By photographing them in bright, beautiful light and great outdoor settings, customers can visualize these products in their own home, being enjoyed by their own pets. We take care of all the logistics in partnership with P.L.A.Y., from location scouting, to model casting. P.L.A.Y. already has an outstanding brand, and their investment in premium photography to complement it takes it light years further.

CLIENT: P.L.A.Y. Pet, Lifestyle and You

ART DIRECTION: Will Chen + Deb Feng

PRODUCTION: Bill Parsons + Natalia Martinez

“Bill and Nat were referred to me in 2011 and I have done multiple projects with them ever since. Natalia is a exceptionally talented photographer and her work has played a key role in helping our marketing to capture buyers and shoppers. She is able to capture special moments of interaction between pets and our products and that brings our products to life in a way that words cannot describe. On the other hand, as the project manager, Bill has always made sure deliverables and targets are met, and he is always prompt and meticulous which makes life much easier for clients. I would certainly recommend The Labs & Co. to others who are seeking professional commercial photography team.”

—Will Chen, Owner, Founder and President, P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle & You