To separate Jessica’s highly popular DINOS brand to her new project on Humane Education + Communications, we needed to start from scratch. It was important to Jess to have this new brand be friendly and light hearted while still be able to talk about serious issues such as compassion fatigue in the animal shelter and rescue world. The result was a great collaboration, rendering a friendly space for people in the rescue world to feel a part of a safe community, with an uplifting color palette and an awesome, symbolic feather pattern.

CLIENT: Jessica Dolce, Humane Education + Communications

ART DIRECTION: Jessica Dolce, Natalia Martinez

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with The Labs & Co. a number of times since 2011. Nat has done all of my graphic design work over the years – from my logos and branding to business cards, posters, and t-shirt designs. I’m always thrilled with the results. Not only is the creative work excellent, but working with The Labs & Co. is a pleasure. They’re professional, responsive, and committed to getting it right for their customers. Plus, they’re truly wonderful people. The joke around here is that I start a new project every year, just so I have an excuse to keep working with them! They’re that good. If you have a chance to work with The Labs & Co. consider yourself very lucky.”

—Jessica Dolce, Creator of DINOS: Dogs in Need of Space + Jessica Dolce: Humane Education + Communications