Earth Rated, a brand we care deeply for, has managed to make the business of cleaning up after our dogs something fun, bright and instantly recognizable. Understated and effective, it is something every single dog person has in common: a need for a great product for daily necessities and to keep our streets and trails beautiful and green.

Our work for Earth rated involves creating a small collection of seasonal images and urban portraits to use across the web and social media. Sharing these images is a great bridge of communication and bonding between the brand and their fans.


CLIENT: Earth Rated

ART DIRECTION: Divyan Selvadurai + Heather Rose and Bill Parsons

“We are so grateful to get to work with such an awesome team. We all love your work and your photographs are truly full of love and life. From all of us at Earth Rated, we are really touched to know that you appreciate us as much as we appreciate you.” – Earth Rated Team