Concept Apparel

All our projects with Dog is Good have involved themes we are passionate about, representing that which binds us to our dogs (and now cats) and an appreciation for typography and the power of the written word. Dog is Good came to us shortly after we released one of our personal projects called DeskType Wallpaper, which has since inspired concept apparel such as Dog Mom, Cat Mom and Promise to My Dog. Products with all of our above mentioned designs are available for purchase via Dog is Good. It is a good way to wear your heart on your sleeve.

CLIENT: Dog is Good

ART DIRECTION: Gila Kurtz, Natalia Martinez

“When Dog is Good, a lifestyle brand for dog lovers, was searching for ideas on how to best showcase a design around what it meant to be a “dog mom”, I came across some typography design created by Nat. In an instant, I knew she was the designer I wanted for this project. Both Bill and Nat were so easy to work with. They listened carefully to what I wanted to accomplish and presented concepts in a very timely fashion. They were open to my suggestions and quickly made the minor edits I requested. The end result was a design that we all fell in love with. Since that first design, we have had the pleasure to collaborate on additional pieces of art. Everything has always been exactly as I had envisioned. The power of words combined with design created by Nat is nothing short of spectacular.”

—Gila Kurtz, Founder, Co-Owner and VP/Sales of Dog is Good, LLC