All Dogs are Individuals Info+Graphic

Informational graphics are a great way to make often complicated information or processes easy to digest and memorable; pair that with engaging illustration and color and you get a Pinterest-worthy, viral-prone, shareable calling card. Together with the AFF team, we developed an easy-to-read storyboard illustrating the science behind the individuality of canines, a study that aims to debunk the myths behind dog breed discriminations. Heavily scientific text can be heavy to digest, but here, we focused on making it fun, simple and memorable.

CLIENT: Animal Farm Foundation

ADDITIONAL CREDITS: Art direction by Jessica Dolce + Natalia Martinez

“I have been incredibly luck to work with Nat and Bill through my organization, Animal Farm Foundation. Not only was the project, an infographic about dogs, a huge success, the quality of the work, the timeliness of the response from Nat, and the ongoing support that she gave to us, was all amazing. When we contacted Nat afterward wanting to create a tshirt design and offer the infographic in a few other languages, she was supportive and immediately responsive, getting us everything we needed and more! We couldn’t be happier and look forward to working with this amazing team on more projects in the future. Truly the highest of quality and always done with such care –their love of their subjects and clients always comes through and that is an inspiring and rare gift.”

—Caitlin Quinn, Director of Operations, Animal Farm Foundation