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Please share favorite colors you would like in your artwork.

Marigolds and Dahlias Marigolds and Daisies Marigolds and Leaves

Whether this is a gift for you, or someone you love, please tell us something about the animals personality. The smallest detail helps inspire us.

Please upload a clear photo that includes your pet’s face, full body, and where special markings are clearly visible.

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There are no words that can ease the pain of losing a beloved animal. Their physical absence leaves an enormous hole in our hearts and homes.
Back in 2021, when I started illustrating my Animal Talaveras, I noticed a great many of them were tributes in memory of beloved pets so dearly missed.
So I wanted to make a special option for those who would like a custom Animal Talavera to remember and honor a beloved friend. Whether as a gift to yourself or someone you love, these pieces are designed to be on the more affordable side, with a pre-illustrated botanical element featuring marigolds–a flower of remembrance in my Mexican culture— and a few other leaves and flowers. Pick one of the three options and tell me about any color preferences for the background color. We want to make sure it not only looks good in your home but that it makes the colors of your pet stand out, bright and beautiful. You will receive a digital version of the artwork and a 16×16 inch print with a 1-inch white border.
– Nat Martinez, The Labs and Co.

Memorial Talaveras include:

– 1 animal + digital file + fine art 16 x16 print
– additional pets $25 each
This Talavera is one of the products that is available to ship in 20 countries: The United States, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. For Mexico clients please reach out directly to us.


How does it work? What is the process?

1. Select your Botanical Options, tell us about your color preferences and a little ore about your pet.
2. Upload your reference photos and please make sure your pet’s face, full body, and special markings are clearly visible from both left and right sides
3. I will email you with any questions about your artwork and get started on your piece
4. These works are my artistic representation. To keep the price affordable for most and the turnaround time quicker, I don’t offer edit rounds, however, if there is something important that you’d like changed, I’m happy to accommodate that for a small extra fee.


Important Infomation

  • Depending on the complexity of your piece and queue length, we estimate completion in 6 to 10 days
  • Your artwork will be sized 16×16 inches with a 1-inch white border and and printed on fine art, archival paper. A digital file will also be sent via email.
  • We reserve the right to decline any requests
  • Unless otherwise requested, we retain the right to publish illustrations on our social media and website
  • Illustrations are NOT for commercial use.

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Illustration, Digital File, and, 16×16 Fine Art Print for one animal, Illustration, Digital File, and, 16×16 Fine Art Print for two animals