Portrait Session: Kobi + Zoey

Posted on Oct 23, 2016
Portrait Session: Kobi + Zoey

I will never get tired of saying this. Find the time to make memories. Forget the excuses, drop the buts, ands, ifs and whys. Find a way, make the time and create memories.





That’s what Rhiannon and Paul did this past Memorial Day. Their beloved Kobi, the sweetest blend of Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever was in the winter of her life. She had been giving them gentle signs that she did not have very long left. So Rhiannon found us through Joy Session, and regardless of the holiday weekend, the hot weather and two back to back commercial shoots, we all made the time for Kobi.





We met at one of our favorite spots, surrounded by eucalyptus groves with golden light streaming through them. I remember we all laughed and smiled a lot. There is always a bittersweet and emotional tone to these portrait sessions, and they can be tough on the heart. But the one constant thing, as visible as that sunlight in the background is the love and devotion people have for their dogs.







Don’t wait. That will be my advice to anyone who has ever loved someone. Make the time, drop the excuses and create some memories. We get to hold on to those.





Kobi passed away gently and peacefully shortly after our afternoon in the sun with her family. We are grateful to have spent that time with her and to have been witness to that immense love.

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  1. Mama Linda
    October 23, 2016

    Beautiful… it made me cry!