New Year, New Desktop Series

Posted on Jan 4, 2013

from  the Design Lab

During the entirety of 2012, I created a series of downloadable desktop calendars as a Thank You to our followers, but also as a monthly creative challenge. It was enjoyable and often quite a challenge! But people seemed to really enjoy them, and since I am a firm believer in doing personal work that is rewarding and allows others to catch a glimpse of what you care about as an artist I thought I’d repeat the challenge again this year.

For 2013’s calendar series, I’ll be creating a design by stealing from my sketchbooks. A sketchbook can be something quite personal and revealing, but the personal, hand-made touch is what I am truly excited about sharing. The more digital and automatized we get, the more I want to go back to basics. I hope you enjoy this series and that you share our Design Lab Facebook page (where the download link will be available each month) with others.

To kick off January, I share this sketch of our recently adopted pup Willow, for some reason we nicknamed her “Bee”. I was watching her play at the park one day after we decided to formally adopt her (she was our foster puppy) and she just looked so deliriously happy… All I could hear in my head were the words to Nina Simone’s I’m Feelin’ Good.

To download your calendar, click HERE.

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