Join our growing network of talented dogs, cats and their people for opportunities to participate in our commercial, editorial or passion projects! Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible.

By joining, you will be notified of any upcoming castings we have for photoshoots before our casting call goes live. By sharing as much information about your dog or cat’s talents and personality, we can find the perfect opportunity for them to shine, since our clients often have a specific idea of what they need in a model for their particular project.



Is it free to join the Model Network?
Yes! 100% free and zero pressure.

How does it work?
By joining the Model Network, you will be among the first to hear about fun opportunities to take part in commercial photoshoots for brands of all sizes. You will be a part of a select community of humans and hounds (and other animals) and we will email you when preliminary casting for a shoot takes place. This email will go out before the casting call is made public, giving you first dibs on the project.

How are models selected for a project?
Each project is a little different. Sometimes, the client has very specific ideas regarding what type of dog breed/mix/size they need and others are open to everyone. Sometimes they have specific needs that require skills and talents of dogs in particular (like holding an object in their mouth for example). We try to list as many details about the project needs in our casting call, but never hesitate to ask questions. We try our best to pair the dogs to the project that would be best for them and vice versa.

What if my dog doesn’t like other dogs, or can’t be off-leash?
Our number ONE priority in our work is to make sure it is a fun and positive experience for everyone, ESPECIALLY your dog. The more we know about your dog’s personality, talents and needs, the better we can customize the experience for them. We match the dog to the shoot and rarely ever have multiple dogs (that don’t know each other) cross paths. Your dog’s comfort and safety is something we take very seriously. Our casting call will tell you whether we will be shooting in a public space where we may run into other dogs or not. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any shoot, never hesitate to ask.

Can I see the photos? Can I buy or get copies of the files?
Because these are commercial photography projects for brands, this is unfortunately not always possible. They own usage rights to their images (we retain all the copyright), which means they are not available (unless agreed to prior to the shoot) to purchase. We do our best to tag folks on social media or send screenshots whenever we see the images out in the wild. We have no control or way of knowing when the images will be used, but we encourage you to follow us and the brands online and keep a lookout.
In some situations, where the client does not buy the whole library of images, we have reserved the right to allow model network members access to any outtakes. In that case, we make those available on a private online shop where you can download watermarked files, order prints, cards or framed photos etc.

Is there compensation for taking part in shoots?
Yes. Depending on the size of the project, or the company budget, the compensation may vary. For smaller scale/shorter duration shoots, you may receive free product from the brand and gift prints from us. For other larger scale shoots, you will get the choice of cash or product and gift prints from us. As a Model Network member, you have a 20% coupon that will never expire and it is applicable to buy prints, files or scheduling your own, personal portrait session with your dog.

How can I improve our chances at getting picked for a project?
We do our best to try and give everyone a chance to participate in projects. If you have yet to participate in a shoot, please let us know when you reply to a casting call. First-timers will be given priority provided they are a good match for the shoot. Teaching your dog skills and tricks is always something we can use during the shoot. Basic obedience is always a big plus. Let us know what they can do, so we can add it to your profile!

We got casted! How do I prepare for our shoot?
A bath is always nice so your dog’s coat looks shiny on film. We encourage you to give your dog enough time to sniff, walk, potty and play for a bit before we get to work, so if possible, get to the location early. Bring along anything that would help your dog feel good and happy to work or play (treats, toys etc.). Let us know if your dog has allergies or sensitivities to any food. We like to give treats at our shoots and want to make sure we take care of your dog’s tummy. If you will be joining your dog on camera, please make sure you follow the wardrobe recommendations. As a general rule, bring comfortable shoes that are clean (they are almost always in the shot) and in good condition. Try not to wear large brands or logos or very loud colors or busy patterns. Plaid or stripes are ok. We will send you a link to a Pinterest board with wardrobe ideas along with your casting details.


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