Meet The Team

Posted on May 14, 2019
Meet The Team

Hey! Hi! Hola!

We’re glad to meet you here. It’s been an interesting journey for us. One that’s been shaped by the life-altering power of that one dog.

The one that flipped our world on its heels.
The one we’ve got tattooed on our skin.
That one dog we can’t speak of without our throats tightening.

Experienced that, too? We knew we liked you.

We are teammates, business partners and family. Educated and experienced in multiple disciplines ranging from photography, art direction to graphic design as well as illustration and writing. We live and work in Petaluma (California), where we enjoy hiking, camping, delicious local food and the occasional (AKA: not so occasional) concert.

We draw by hand, shoot with film, sip tequila (or whiskey) and often get lost in the forest.

Check out our ETHOS for more.

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