Meet Bill

Posted on May 15, 2019
Meet Bill

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Though we may make a little fun of him for his similarities to Ross Geller (the character from Friends), Bill Parsons is also a Cat Whisperer (his gentle demeanor and understanding of feline behavior make him a favorite new buddy to kitties of all backgrounds), banjo player, and geek. Seriously though, his Field Experience in the creative marketing world has been a huge part of what The Labs & Co. is today.

He began his photography education at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, VA. He later completed his BFA for Commercial/Advertising Photography at Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, CA–this is where he met Nat.

Bill put in multiple hours of assisting some of the best photographers in the industry, among them Jill Greenberg, David LaChapelle, and Stephanie Rausser.

He later sat on the other end of the table as a producer and art buyer (the person who hires commercial photographers) at DDB San Francisco.

He’s a natural teacher and served as a photography instructor at Academy of Art University, San Francisco, focused primarily on prepping students for their final portfolios before graduating.

Today, he is the guy you will most likely talk to first when you reach out to us. He is our Co-Art Director, Producer and Project Manager for all Labs & Co. expeditions.

He is incredibly skilled in lighting technique, problem-solving and a gifted photographer. He always offers a unique perspective to our photography, choosing the abstract and more interesting angles, which gives our work a special touch.

Most recently, he has fallen in love with video production and is leading the way in our approach to it as a service.

A dedicated brand enthusiast and entrepreneur, he’s also involved in supporting sales, marketing and product development for P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You.

But above all else, we know our Bill as a beer maker and part-time Star Wars Stormtrooper who has been known to laugh an old man laugh from deep within his lungs when something is really, really funny.


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