In Celebration of National Mutt Day

Posted on Jul 31, 2018
In Celebration of National Mutt Day

A day that celebrates diversity, individuality, and uniqueness? That’s something we can get behind.

With the help of 11 one-of-a-kind dogs and their humans, and with 9 beautiful one-of-a-kind urban murals as a backdrop, we created this short little film to celebrate National Mutt Day.

To all our beloved mutts, and their people; to all the incredible artists that make our urban spaces a little more colorful with your art, thank you for shining your light bright.

Truly One of a Kind from The Labs & Co. on Vimeo.

Meet our hounds and humans:

Darwin, our Willow and “Lips” (their humans are Karen and our Nat)

Matcha + Diane

Vinnie + Nina

Glory + Carol

Nick + Rocket

Calvin + Syler (their humans are Scarlett and Melissa)

Bimo + Kiem

Caper + Amy

The Urban Murals and their Artists (as far as we could find):

Petaluma by Maxfield Bala (Petaluma)

American Alley Blue mural by Dom Chi (Petaluma)

Be the Change by  Art Angels club from St. Vincent High School (Petaluma)

Hands on American Alley by Maxfield Bala (Petaluma)

Lavando Agusto by Ernesto A. Paul (San Francisco)

Picturesoteric by Sirron Norris (San Francisco)

MaestraPeace by Various Artists at the Women’s Building SF  (San Francisco)

Love Letter to Oakland by David Burke (Oakland)

Oakland Dreams by Trust Your Struggle Collective (Oakland)