Howls and Ghosts : A Halloween Theme Photoshoot

Posted on Oct 30, 2013
Howls and Ghosts : A Halloween Theme Photoshoot

I had forgotten how much fun themed photoshoots are. We used to do them in photo school all the time, and kept it up when we were a part of the 52 Weeks Project. Life happens, your busy season starts and time left for personal work can be hard to find. But since we are huge believers in the value of personal work, we made the time for this shoot.

We were up before dawn and hiking our way up Helen Putnam park to one of my favorite trees. It is old, crooked and complete with a signature hole in its trunk. I named it “Tim Burton” in honor of all the fun, spooky movies it reminds me of; it would be a perfect character in one of the director’s movies, but until he gets “discovered”, I thought to cast him in our Halloween photoshoot.
The forecast mentioned an overcast sky that morning, which we didn’t mind at all for the purposes of this shoot; the foggier, and darker, the better! However, as we were starting to shoot, the blue gloom started to lift in the horizon and allowed an orange sunrise to crash the party. It was incredible, as if all of us knew we had precious time to get our shots, everyone collaborated beautifully. The dark clouds stuck around, the sunrise got pink, orange and yellow; and our incredible models, Willow and Corbin performed outstanding tricks for treats: Corbin became a silly spook in an old sheet and Willow endulged us by nailing the “howling” trick we have been working on… after which she got a good case of the zoomies; I think she got so excited that WE were so excited by her performance.

Overall, I think the four of us had a blast doing this, which is what personal work should ultimately do: make you fall in love with your craft all over again. 

With that said, we hope you enjoy the results of our pre-dawn adventure, and have a happy and safe Halloween!






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  1. Kaylee Greer
    October 30, 2013

    Oh my gosh!! GET OUT OF TOWN!! These are absolutely GORGEOUS! The colors, the location, the pups, the design and typography. Oh my goodness gracious, I just adore it all! Amazing amazing work!!! And Happy Halloween!!!

  2. Jackie P
    October 30, 2013

    wow – these are great! Love it!