Here Comes the Bride… and Her Dogs.

Posted on May 28, 2012

from the Photo Lab

I should begin this post by clarifying, loud and clear: We are NOT wedding photographers. We are NOT venturing into the world of wedding photography. We leave that to the wonderful people who love wedding photography. We photograph companion animals, and humans sometimes make it in the photographs, that’s it. If you need a wedding photographer, we can gladly recommend one (we know many!) 😉

That being said, there comes a time in every photographer’s life (professional or amateur) in which someone will ask: “do you shoot weddings?”
My gut response is to yell “NOOOO!!” and run the other way, but my polite response is: “No, but I know many that I can recommend!”
So why will you be seeing wedding photographs in this post you ask? Well, in truth, the bride happens to be one of my closest friends from Brooks Institute of Photography, one of the sweetest people I have ever met and she won us over with two sentences: “I don’t WANT a wedding photographer, I want YOU.” and “The most important photographs I want you to get are those of Jon, myself and the dogs.” Throw on to that the AMAZING wedding location (I am always up for an excuse to go back to Santa Barbara area, my home for 4 years), a gorgeous set of models (the bride and groom are pretty good looking too 😉 ) and really, what was there to say no to? Plus, our bride was so down to earth, she let us perch her atop a tractor for some photos. How can you beat that?

"Heather and Jon, sittn' in a... tractor?"

We approached Heather and Jon’s wedding the same way we approach every photography session, applying our signature style and treatment, a great deal of which is really just exposure and film. We tried not to think of what a wedding photographer would do, (that is not why she insisted on having us shoot it anyway) but having been in a white dress myself a few years ago, we wanted to give them images of the key moments and elements they would want to hold on to. After all, I have always said, if you are going to splurge on one thing on your wedding day, let it be the photographs, they are the only thing that will last along with the marriage itself.

We shoot with a combination of film and digital, leaving the digital camera to do all the quick, documentary shooting of the day, and assigning the important shots to our beloved Hasselblad. Risky move you say? The key wedding moments on film?? Yep. That is how sure we are of what we do. No digital camera can come close to the quality, look and feel of film. And we have our formula down when shooting, so that regardless of the situation, we can envision what that film will do. We shoot primarily with a combination of Fuji, Kodak and Ilford films; all with available/natural light and a consistent lighting and exposure formula that sits at the center of our photographic style.


We were nervous, yes. This was an important day not just for a client, but for a close friend. She trusted us with this special day. And two wedding photographer friends would be there as guests…no pressure! Yes, we were nervous (how do you wedding photographers do it?!) but it’s the kind of nerves that make you want to hit it out of the ballpark, and if you ask me, the day you cease to get butterflies doing what you do, consider retiring or changing jobs.

Thank you Heather, Jon, Jack, Buddy and Justice, for such heartfelt trust. We hope we did ok by you on your special day. 🙂

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