Happy Birthday My Friend, My Heart

Posted on Nov 23, 2013
Happy Birthday My Friend, My Heart

: from The Labs :

Corbin represents a lot of firsts for Bill and me.
He is Bill’s first dog ever. He was our first dog together as a family. He was our first introduction to the wonderful world of dog culture in San Francisco. Because of him, I picked up my first ever copy of Bark Magazine. He was our first experience fighting and beating canine cancer (twice now). Because of him, I realized I was not happy and fulfilled at a desk job and because he taught us how precious and short life can be, we gained the courage we needed to jump, and see if we could fly, with our own small business dedicated to what he inspired: photographing companion animals.

Because of Corbin, we have made many strong friendships with amazing people. Because of this 9 year old, incredible dog, a failed-foster puppy named Willow has been able to move past fear and darkness and into sunlight and comfort. In his later years, he has become so comfortable in his skin, so heartbrakingly good and loving to everyone he meets that he has earned himself the nickname Corbin the Saint, given to him by more than one person.
He inspires me daily to do my best work; to be the best I can be for others and myself; to remember to be kind and gentle, even when it’s hard. He comes with me on my volunteer shifts at Sonoma Humane Society, and he works his magic as a calming presence for other, often very stressed and anxious dogs we evaluate. He is nothing short of magic to me.

Corbin is the Lab in Photo Lab (and Design Lab). Our logos come inspired from his likeness, an old photograph in fact. We owe this dog this impossibly cool life, one which would not be complete without him.
Today is his 9th birthday, cancer-free, and I am incredibly grateful for that and for every day we get so spend with him.

Happy Birthday My Friend, My Heart. You are indeed Corbin the Saint, the impossibly cool, and you deserve to be naughty today. ;)~



  1. Jesse Freidin
    November 23, 2013

    Happy Birthday, CORBY!!!

  2. Abby (Doggerel)
    November 23, 2013

    Happy 9th birthday, Corbin! What a great boy. He deserves to be celebrated!

  3. Mimi
    November 24, 2013

    I didn’t know he had battled cancer even once, not to mention twice. It’s amazing how much a dog can change your life. He’s the very reason for so many great things in your life. Happy birthday to your beloved muse, inspiration, exercise coach and alarm clock.

  4. Beth
    November 24, 2013

    Happy Birthday Corbin! I love reading about he has enriched your lives, and I’m sure if he took control of the keyboard, he would say the same about you!