Dog Moms get their Day… and their own T-Shirt!

Posted on Apr 11, 2012

from the Design Lab

We have been dying to share this with you for some time now. So excited we can hardly contain ourselves!
If you are familiar with Dog Is Good, you know they take the love we feel for our dogs (and now cats and horses too) and create beautiful products worth flaunting.

We could not be more excited to share this amazing project we worked on, exclusively for Dog Is Good’s newest line, an Exclusive Edition series, a line of limited-edition apparel featuring designs by outside artists, hand-selected by the D.I.G. creative team. The tee shirts are offered one-time-only and each include a signed, numbered certificate from the artist.
I could not be more honored to be chosen by Dog Is Good to kick-off the series with something designed especially to pay tribute to Dog Moms on Mother’s Day!

Our April DeskType Wallpaper

Since the beginning of this year, we started a series of illustrative desktop wallpaper calendars for our Facebook followers to download (have you gotten yours yet?); since they are primarily composed of type and various animal illustrations either found in old books or hand-drawn with a micro pigment ink pen, we lovingly call them DeskType Wallpapers. Talk about the importance of personal projects you enjoy (a forthcoming blog post on that soon), because it was our February DeskType piece that led the D.I.G. team to contact us regarding the Exclusive Edition series.



The D.I.G. founding team, Gila, Jon and Nichole

“I met Nat at the Surf City Surf Dog event in Huntington beach last Fall. Both Dog Is Good and Photo Lab, Nat and Bill’s photography company, were sponsors. I was incredibly impressed with her ability to capture  pure joy in the eyes of her subjects, canine surfers. Even better was the fact that I could see eye to eye on things with her…literally. This petite dynamo is an artist in every sense of the word.
I came across her use of typographical design a couple months ago when Nichole showed me the new screen saver for her computer that Nat had designed. Not 60 seconds later, I had a flash of an idea and asked Nichole to put it back up on her computer. As I looked closely at what Nat had created, I Instantly fell in love with her style, her use of words and phrases, and how she positioned and displayed them in a unique way.
She told a message. I had a message to share . I wanted to celebrate what it means to be a Dog Mom and I knew I wanted Nat to do the design! Nat was the perfect person to create Dog Is Good’s first Exclusive Edition tee, not only because her unique style would get our message across so perfectly, but because she is also a Dog Mom who’s life has been touched and shaped by her love of dogs.
We are honored to commission her as the very first designer to our Limited Edition Designs.
Gila Kurtz, Co-owner/Founder
Dog is Good

The end-result: A type collage of words any Dog Mom can relate to. To continue to celebrate Dog Moms, we have created a matching DeskType wallpaper which will be available for download come May 1st through our Design Lab Facebook PageHappy Mother’s Day Dog Moms!
Curious to know how these DeskType pieces are created? Read about it HERE! 

The Dog Mom tee comes in two color choices Guava and Periwinkle Blue

Each tee is accompanied by a signed, limited edition certificate. So cool!!

Dog Mom DeskType Wallpaper will be available for download on May 1st from the Design Lab Facebook Page

 I am told by Dog Is Good that this tee will sell out really quickly, their pre-sales of the tee were 8 times higher than they had anticipated (imagine my jaw on the floor at the sound of this), so don’t delay in getting yours today, they are strictly limited edition and will not be available for long. Now go forth and shop!

We are so grateful to Dog Is Good for this amazing highlight in our year. I for one, cannot wait to see how the Exclusive Edition series develops!


  1. Jen
    April 11, 2012

    Dog Is Good is my favorite place to shop! I am so excited about this new T-shirt!

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