Dear Grizz | Dear Willow: Letter 3

Posted on Mar 21, 2017
Dear Grizz | Dear Willow: Letter 3

Our Willow the Wild has struck a delightful pen-pal friendship with Brindleberry Acres’s handsome Grizz. They don’t know we are publishing their letters to each other (shhhh… don’t tell them).

Letter 3.

Dear Grizz,

Happy first day of spring! California is buzzing with wildflowers blooming, bees buzzing, humans sneezing, and a warm sunny day followed by a cloudy one drizzled with showers. It is a delight to the nose. Wish you were here to smell it.

I loved that photo of you and Pebbles playing with a toy in the snow! Is she bopping you with her paw? You look so gentle and patient with her. Is she a lot younger than you? What is it like to have a little sister to play with?

Kingsley sounds like he may have quite a few things in common with my friend Poppy. Both being fetch-fiends and all. Her dad uses a Chuck-it too! Then again, if it flies, floats and she can go splash in the water to get it, she’s happy 🙂
What kinds of supplements does he get for his joints? I’d love to share them with Poppy and my big brother Corbin. Do you take those too?

Oh my goodness, your sand box tire thing looks like so much fun!! I would LOVE one! I like digging when we are at the beach, but it’s more fun when there’s someone there to dig along with, or if there’s something like a treasure to find.

Smokey is so cute! And he looks so much like you! Do you have puppy pictures of you that you wouldn’t mind sharing? I bet you were all kinds of adorable. Did your ears fold over or were they always upright? Mine were so big… ok, they still are so big. My mom says we got “ears for years.”

Oh man, I’d love to spend an afternoon lounging on your front porch on all those cozy chairs. Though I’d be so excited by the sight and scent of the space that it would take me a while to be able to sit still.

I love scenting. I tell you, when my nose gets going, it has a mind of its own. My mom even took me to scenting classes. We would work in a barn or warehouse type place, and our teacher (my auntie Charlie), would put out all these cardboard boxes and plastic buckets and things, and she’d hide food in one of them and we couldn’t see where, so we had to use our nose to find it. She made it harder every time, but it was so much fun.
She laughed at me because I would walk in to the space, and air-scent for a few seconds, and go right to the box that had the food in it. “Just like a wolf in the wild” she would say, that’s part of where my nickname came from; Poppy’s mom, my auntie Jen coined it: Willow the Wild.

It’s so cool to hear you eat raw meals too! My mom, like yours, is super picky as well. She’s a bit of a nerd and has read tons of books on dogs, behavior and nutrition. She even cooks for us!

I love raw and home cooked. I have eaten Stella & Chewy’s,(I love their Surf n’ Turf and Pheasant recipes), Primal (love the Turkey and Sardine as well as the Goat’s Milk) and Small Batch (mmmm Rabbit or Duck) when we can afford to. And my mom gets big marrow bones, chicken and turkey necks from our local butcher for me. I love them, so yummy and they keep my teeth clean. There is a place in San Francisco, a whole shop dedicated to raw food for dogs, it is famous. My mom really wants to go down there and have them help formulate a diet for me, but we need to save up for it. When not fed raw, my mom either cooks for us (especially for Corbin) or gives us Honest Kitchen which is super yummy too. Have you had it before?

I too share your love of cooked chicken, oh man… so good! And yes!! My dad makes bone broth for us too! Even the cats get in on it. He adds turmeric to ours, he says it is good for Corbin. I loved that recipe you shared, I’ll make sure and ask my mom to share it with all our friends. Has your mom ever made turmeric paste for you guys? It’s so good for you.

I would love to go to your health food store! As long as you promise to keep me safe from people strangers, they scare me, especially in enclosed spaces. I’ll need to work on that a bit more. But if you are next to me, I’ll instantly feel a lot safer.

How nice that you have a “gramma” by the way. Does she spoil you? I have grandmas too, but we don’t get to see them very often. Maybe that’s why I have a lot of aunties.

Oh my gosh… freeze dried meat treats? Drool indeed! They are my favorite too! At least among my top favorites. I also really like string cheese (my mom saves it for super special occasions where she’ll need to make me extra comfortable or where she’ll need my undivided attention). Zuke’s is a favorite of mine too, they make these incredible treats called PureNZ, they are so good and my mom stuffs my Kong with them.

Speaking of toys, what kinds do you like? Are you a stuffed toy kind of guy or do you prefer puzzles, or tuggies? Do you like to play by yourself, or with others?

Corbin is quite a bit older than me. I am five and he is twelve. We still play a lot together, but my mom says it is better when we play in the house since he can “keep up with me” that way. We can’t play chase outside anymore because he runs himself silly and he hurts afterward.
I have had to learn to walk slower when we walk together, because my mom says it is important he get to “read the flowers and pee mail” as long as he wants. Lately, she’s been walking us separately because he gets tired a little quicker, and I can still go for miles.
He spends a lot of time with my dad. They are like peas and carrots. I really miss him when he’s gone all day, but my mom makes sure I am never terribly bored.

Corbin taught me everything I know about being a dog; being a good dog, I should say. He has this funny talent of entering the room and filling it with calm. When I was little, and still terrified of going to new places, my mom would tie my leash to Corbin, and I followed him anywhere. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s always so happy, friendly and optimistic… even at the vet’s office.
He represents home to me, Grizz. I hope we can be together for a long time still. We all want him healthy and happy. But you are right, getting old seems tough, on everyone.

Wow, DM sounds scary. I’m so sorry to hear Brindel and Porter had it. I’m glad for Kingsley and Pebbles have you. They are the lucky ones 🙂

I also like your mom’s philosophy about foster failures: you and I shall be “foster wins” from now on!

BrindleBerry Acres sounds wonderful. I bet it is a beautiful place in the spring with so many fruit trees and berry bushes. Corbin loves fruit and veggies. Me… not so much, unless covered in peanut butter or cream cheese, or honey. I love honey… so much so that my mom nicknamed me “Bee“. I seem to have a few nicknames (Bee, Punky, Stinker, Buzzy, Ms Wild, Willomena, Beast, Willowbee…), ha!
Do you have any nicknames? I’ve heard my mom call you “Grizzy“. I hope you don’t mind, I think it’s cute. By the way, did you know that your name is very similar to “gris”, which means “grey” in Spanish? My mom speaks Spanish, so she told me. And grey is her favorite color, so you have an “in” with her 😉

I don’t know what I would do with myself with so many exciting animals to sniff where you live. I have seen horses, deer, cows and coyotes. My mom and I ran away from a skunk once, but how did Kingsley chase one off without getting sprayed?? Lucky dog. I have never seen a moose before, that must have been so exciting!

PIZZA CRUST!!! I confess I lose all my manners around pizza crust. I downright make my ears as big and cute as possible, my eyes as wide and puppy-like as I can and I sit and stare at my mom and dad when they are eating pizza. If that doesn’t work, I begin to “talk” and give them a speech about why it is I think I deserve such delicacies. I am shameless. But it’s pizza crust! I only get a tiny piece though. My antics make my mom laugh, so I keep begging even if I don’t get any.

Gotta go for now, friend. But I am really enjoying getting to know more about you and your family, the farm and how different and similar we are. I’ll owe you my photo of my black stripe for next time. It’s been rainy here and it shows off better in the sun.

Until next time!

Your friend,



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