• This will appear on the title plate at the top of the badge. (16 character max)
  • This will appear directly beneath the title plate at the top of the badge. Things like an Instagram handle or a secondary note are perfect here. This section is optional. (18 character max)
  • Tell us what makes your adventure dog unique. This will help us design the background elements of the badge on either side of the dog. Do you enjoy the mountains together? Do you prefer the ocean waves? Is your dog named after a flower or a tree? Is there a sport you enjoy doing together? You get the idea. Please tell us as concisely as possible and we will do our best to include the key highlights in your illustration.
  • This is the primary and background color combo for your badge. Choose from our preset color combinations below. Options include light color line and dark background color as well as dark color line and light background color. Choose black and white if you intend to use for a decal or transfer type sticker.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, tif, pdf, Max. file size: 30 MB.
      Please share a well lit, high resolution portrait image where your dog's features are clearly visible. A 3/4th angle is ideal. Please also make sure dogs shape is clearly visible against the background. Image must be minimum 3 MB/ max 30 MB and in jpg, pdf or tif format.