Currently Digging: September

Posted on Sep 30, 2015
Currently Digging: September

What better way to take our new Lab Notes out for a spin than a new monthly post we are calling Currently Digging; a collection of things we have enjoyed throughout the month. Great Instagram accounts you should follow, stuff for you, for your dogs/cats, as well as great things to eat/drink or listen to; and of course, cannot forget a great read.

So, here it is, what we are Currently Digging in September…


Great Read: The Secret History of Kindness: Learning from How Dogs Learn by Melissa Holbrook Pierson
One of the best books on dogs I have read in a long time. Vastly informative, consider it a great historical account of dog training and cognition. If you have ever wondered how clicker training got its start, or why some training methods work better than others, don’t miss this book.
Get it HERE.

Instagram follow: @farmgirlflowers
Forget 1-800-Flowers, the art of sending someone you care about a floral greeting has never looked so beautiful. A tiny business based in San Francisco, Farmgirl Flowers sources seasonal, 100% USA grown blooms wrapped in burlap. Carefully arranged by hand and delivered by bicycle. They just started delivering nation-wide! Plus, feed your flower lust by following their gorgeous Instagram account. It’s a daily dose of drool-worthy flowers you may have never known existed.
Follow Farmgirl Flowers HERE.

For the beasts: Dublin Dog KOA Waterproof Collars
Waterproof, durable, easy to wipe-clean and unstinkable? Yes please. All these things are normally hard to come by on a collar for dogs, and when you do find it, you are limited to a few colors or styles. Not with Dublin Dog. I recently ordered two KOA collars for our dogs, the Brook Trout (pictured) for Willow and the Red Snapper for Corbin. I loved the take on fish scale patterns and colors. They are light and soft, so they are easy on the neck and after multiple trips to the beach, 5 days backpacking The Lost Coast and more than three weeks without a bath… we can certainly vouch for the unstinkable part.
Get the KOA Waterproof collars HERE.

For the tastebuds: New Belgium Pumpkick
Some folks wait all year for fall to arrive so they can start enjoying their pumpkin spice lattes, or pumpkin whatevers. I’m no different, I love a good spicy latte, but a good chunk of my autumn joy revolves around a different type of fall brew: beer! I bumped into New Belgium’s Pumpkick at the store, was attracted to the packaging like a balloon to static and brought a six pack home to try. I have since purchased 3 six packs. It is my favorite fall brew to date! Smooth and easy to drink, brewed with pumpkin juice, and spicy with cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, but it’s the cranberries and touch of lemongrass that give it an unexpected kick. Available in August-October 2015. Hurry now, I hear it is flying off the shelves!
Learn more about Pumpkick HERE.

For the trail: Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket
I had lusted after this jacket for a whole year before I finally decided to buy it. That was about a year and a half ago, and to date, it is the jacket I wear everywhere. It packs super light and tight, taking very little space. It keeps you warm without overheating you. It keeps you toasty against wind and it is water-resistant too. The best part? Throw it in the washing machine and dry it with a couple of tennis balls and it’s like new. If you follow any of our Instagram adventures or my 365 Dog Hikes, you’ll likely see my plum colored Nano everywhere (official name is Oxblood Red). Last Christmas, Bill got the Nano Puff Vest as a gift, and I am sure he’d back any of my rave reviews about it.
Get yours HERE.

Tune in: Gregory Alan Isakov
Truth be told, we love this guy so much we flew to Seattle to see him play, flew back to San Francisco and saw him play there too. Very few folks write songs like this anymore. His music is a whole and sensual experience (as in a treat for all your senses, get your mind outta the gutter! Or not, 😉 ). Just as fall, my favorite season, starts to roll in, Gregory Alan Isakov is constantly playing on all my devices. The melodies take me back to starry nights by a fire, sipping on a glass of whiskey; and his lyrics inspire photoshoot ideas and stories. And at the base of it all, his songs are great to slow-dance to while in the kitchen, cooking dinner. My absolute favorites include That Moon Song (never fails to remind me of my Willow) and Master and a Hound. Bill loves Living Proof.
Listen HERE.

Lusting After…
Having not had much of a summer vacation, and a great yet hectic backpacking trip to Th Lost Coast, I am seriously lusting after some more time spent camping. I hope we can sneak in some more tent time in the near future. I’ll be documenting our Lost Coast trip (where that lovely image is from), so stay tuned.