Posted on Oct 10, 2016

Currently Digging is a collection of things we have enjoyed throughout the month. Great Instagram accounts you should follow, stuff for you, for your dogs/cats, as well as great things to eat/drink or listen to; and of course, cannot forget a great read.

So, here it is, what we have been loving this month of September… Even if it is already October. 😀


Must Read: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown
This year has been a really tough one for me (and for all it seems), both personally and professionally. In recent months… ok for most of the past couple of years…. I have lost sight of my “why”. Losing sight of your “why” when you are a solopreneur is bad news. You forget why you jumped ship from that desk job and cozy paycheck, and instead of answering “why I do what I do”, you start asking “why bother?”. This book was recommended to me by one of my best friends and my mentor/coach Nic Sears (@workingwithdog ). I hadn’t finished the introduction when the floodgates opened and I have not been able to stop since. It is uncomfortably accurate and spot on. I need to become an essentialist, and in that process, I hope to relocate my “why”. Hopefully. If life seems like it has lost a lot of its meaning, or if you have fallen out of love with your work, maybe it is time to go back to what is essential, and this book is your ticket in… or out of that funk.
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Instagram Follow: @okudart
Okuda San Miguel is an artist based in Madrid, Spain. Not confined to a single discipline, his gorgeously bright artworks are bringing color to wall and product alike. I so admire his use of refracted color, expertly pairing shades and tones into a pattern that is instantly recognizable and pure magic. Everyone needs a little color in their lives.
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Brush Guard™ by Ruffwear
We recently bought our first Subaru. Dog-tested and approved, our Forester is ready for adventure. Corbin, our 12 year old Labs & Co. brand ambassador, has started to have a little trouble jumping in and out of the back. While we are slowly introducing him to using a ramp (he is stubborn and will want to jump over it) I started to use his Ruffwear Web Master Harness to help him up and out of the car. Enter the Brush Guard, this add-on for the Web Master Harness offers a little more comfort and support. It attaches to the bottom of the harness and basically acts like a hammock for the dog’s chest and belly, making lifts a little bit more comfortable and stable. It also works as comfortable extra padding and protection for backpacking and outdoor adventures. I cannot recommend this enough.
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For the taste buds: Black Dragon Pearl Black Tea by TEAVANA
Before I jumped off a cliff and started The Labs & Co., I worked as a designer/photographer for a local tea company (it wasn’t Teavana) for three years. I learned a lot from that job, and it forever instilled in me an appreciation for good tea and its ceremony, from proper brewing to discerning flavor. I am a black tea fiend, and one of my all-time favorites is this Teavana Black Dragon Pearl. It is earthy and delicious by itself or with a splash of milk and honey.
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For the trail: Better Sweater by Patagonia
Yes, for sure, I am a Patagonia nerd; and this is not the first time (and likely won’t be the last) that I feature Patagonia in my Currently Digging. Nope, they are not cheap but I like to share items and brands I truly can stand behind and Patagonia’s Better Sweater is simply one of those. I don’t know what they put into this Better Sweater fleece knit, but I bought my first almost 6 years ago, and it has only gotten softer and cozier. I loved it so much in fact, I recently bought a zip-up jacket in black. These two items have replaced at least 6 other clothing pieces in my closet, and since they last forever, I know I won’t be replacing them any time soon unless they are stolen from my cold, dead hands! (Ahem, drama aside) It is a light fleece that will keep you cozy and warm, but packs nicely. It comes in half-zip pullovers, vests and zip-up jackets and is a available in a bunch of sweet colors. I am boring, so I stick to grey and black, but it is a comfortable staple piece in my closet.
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Tune in: The Avett Brothers
The first time I went to Outside Lands in San Francisco (the very first year the music festival was held!) I remember buying a sweatshirt because I was freezing and spending the last of my cash on a gorgeous screen printed gig poster for The Avett Brothers. I had never heard of them, but I loved this poster, so I checked them out and have been an avid Avett fan ever since. They excel at song-writing and their sound is nestled somewhere between folk, rock and a touch of bluegrass. After years of being in love with their music, we finally had a chance to see them play live and holy cow are they good. They are even better live and in person. Their most recent album, True Sadness has been on loop around here since it was released. Do yourself a favor and pay close attention to the lyrics. My favorite track in the album is I Wish I Was, probably one of the best love anthems I have heard since George Harrison’s Something.
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Lusting after: Quiet
I’ll be honest. 2016 has not been my favorite and I am kinda ready for it to be over. Not all of it was bad by any means, no year is. But it has challenged me in more ways than I feel comfortable. I have been feeling the stress and anxiety not just of the ups and downs of being a creative entrepreneur, but dealing with anxiety and depression induced by social media pressure… It is crazy that this is actually a thing! I have fallen out of love with a good chunk of my work and I am in a space of limbo at the moment, trying to figure out what my next step should be. I am lusting after a quiet space and time to just be and see if I can listen to what my body and mind (and heart) are trying to tell me. Such a space has not been easy to find at all this year. Between projects and wanting to do everything I can to make our clients happy, to endless pressures of managing our business for growth and stability, and (not complaining one bit) a lot of constant travel; I find I keep trying to escape more than just sitting and facing the music. I am trying. And I’ll try harder. I could use that quiet space, I think we all could.