Posted on Nov 7, 2015

Currently Digging is a collection of things we have enjoyed throughout the month. Great Instagram accounts you should follow, stuff for you, for your dogs/cats, as well as great things to eat/drink or listen to; and of course, cannot forget a great read.

So, here it is, what we are Currently Digging in October… even if it is a bit late.


Well Read: The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz
I thought the Millennium Saga had ended along with its famous author, Stieg Larsson. I devoured the original trilogy, and like most Lisbeth Salander fans, I was left wanting more. I normally stay away from this sort of thing, where another author continues the work of the original. But after finding it too tempting, I quickly got hooked on this 4th installment. Differences in the writing style are slightly apparent (obviously), but listening to the audiobook kept the magic alive, since it is read by the original Millennium Saga reader, Simon Vance. The characters are the same ones we knew and loved in the series, and though a tad softened in my opinion compared to Larsson’s brutal and colder portrayal, I still found this book enjoyable, fast-paced and worth my time.
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Instagram Follow: @alpinemodern
Alpine Modern is a small-batch Boulder CO-based quarterly magazine on elevated living, a collection of handcrafted alpine essentials, shops, and cafes. I was first drawn to this magazine because of the outdoor wanderlust it inspired in me with it’s smart writing and drool-worthy photographs of all those things I adore: mountains, coffee and the little things that make outdoor adventures even more enjoyable.
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For the beasts: Orijen Tundra freeze-dried treats and food for dogs and cats
It is no secret I, like many of you, want only the best for our companion animals, and food quality is at the top of my list for a healthy and happy dog and cat. I found Orijen about three years ago, looking for a by-product free, organic and human-grade food I could feed my dogs and cats. I cook for them often too, but having a great food with all the vitamins and minerals they need for essential nutrition is a great compliment to home-made goodies. Orijen is a higher protein food, so finding the right one for your dog/cat is key. Both our dogs enjoy the variety of kibbles and freeze-dried patties and treats, as do our two cats. The freeze-dried patties are a great option to take camping, since they are very light and easy to store in ziplock baggies. Just add warm water and serve. Among our favorites include the Tundra treats. Willow finds them irresistible in flavor.
Get Orijen at your local pet boutique, or HERE.

For the tastebuds: Bewitched Pinot Noir by VML winery
If you are a wine enthusiast or know someone who is, I cannot recommend this local gem enough. Besides being wrapped in the most beautiful and creative packaging I have enjoyed in years, the writing on the bottle describing the flavor and body of the wine is just as magical as the bewitching contents. Pinot Noir is my favorite, and this one in particular has been a staple in our wine rack for years. It has recently been re-released and will likely fly off the shelves. If you live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend making a trip to the winery itself, and let yourself fall under the spell of their artisan wine-making. You’ll often find us there, sitting at a picnic table sharing a bottle with savory cold cuts, cheeses and persimmons, if they are in season (another favorite of mine!).
Get Bewitched HERE.

For your skin: sixteen92 perfumerie
A dear friend of mine, Claire Baxter, a constant creative powerhouse whose talent knows no bounds developed this small-batch, hand-made perfume idea, and it has since gone wild in popularity. Her carefully mixed scents are haunting to say the least. I recommend getting the sampler kit to try out first, and don’t miss visiting their website to enjoy the creative descriptions and well-storied brand presence. My absolute favorite scents so far include: Grimm, Lolita, Swarm and Salem. I am lusting after her newest releases for fall.
Get scented HERE.

Tune in: Aurora Runaway
I first heard Aurora’s very singular and haunting voice on NPR’s All Songs Considered Podcast. After a few seconds, I Shazammed and downloaded whatever she had available on iTunes. I love her voice, at once sweet and mournful but strangely uplifting. My favorite songs so far include Runaway and Running with the Wolves.
Listen HERE.

Lusting after: Sherlock, the Christmas Special
Oh yes, I am an avid fan of this modern take on the ol’ detective. I find the whole cast a most unbelievable match and the writing and quality of the filming, lighting and styling, BBC style is addictive. More like mini movies, each episode is full of fast-paced mystery, crime solving, funny interactions as well as all those things we love about the Conan Doyle stories with a modern twist. They will be releasing a Christmas Special come January, and I for one, cannot wait!
Get caught up with Sherlock HERE.