Posted on Apr 1, 2016

Currently Digging is a collection of things we have enjoyed throughout the month. Great Instagram accounts you should follow, stuff for you, for your dogs/cats, as well as great things to eat/drink or listen to; and of course, cannot forget a great read.

So, here it is, what we are Currently Digging in March…


Well Read: Illustrated National Parks by Anderson Design Group
Two things make me very happy in such a book: the National Parks, and mind-blowing illustration. I have yet to visit all these beautiful parks, and the docu series by Ken Burns on the parks fills me with wanderlust. This book does the same, and at the same time, I can spend hours studying each illustrated piece, trying to break it apart, see where light and shadow falls, where texture comes in… Yes, it is a book for nature lovers and illustration buffs alike.
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Instagram Follow: @workingwithdog
Full disclosure, Nicole Sears–petpreneur extraordinaire– is one of my most beloved friends. That aside however, if you have anything to do professionally in the pet industry, she is definitely someone you should follow. Nic taught the pet photography workshop I attended way back when I was just thinking of going freelance into full-time animal portraiture. We became fast friends, collaborated on many projects, I was a bridesmaid at her wedding, and most recently, she has become our marketing coach. This girl is a brilliant entrepreneur, the best of both creative power and business savviness. Her new project Working with Dog, is a treasure trove of information for serious entrepreneurs, and her Instagram feed is full of inspiring things.
Follow @workingwithdog Here

Buddy Wash by Cloud Star
Spring rains don’t just bring that delicious wet grass scent… Mingled with eau de wet dog, it can make your car, and home smell bit less enchanting. Buddy Wash is my absolute favorite, both shampoo and conditioner at bath time for our dogs, but especially, the in-between baths Buddy Splash to get rid of funky whatevers they might have rolled in, leaving their coat luxuriously soft, shiny and smelling aahhh-mazing. The lavender mint is my favorite.
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For the taste buds: Mesa Sunrise Cereal by Nature’s Path
I do love my cereal, be it a quick snack, a topping for yogurt, and a simple dinner replacement when you are just too tired for anything else… nothing better than pjs, Netflix, couch and a nice bowl of cereal on days when you just “can’t even.” Am I right? Now, I’m no cereal snob, I love Lucky Charms as much as any normal human, but the reason I love this cereal is because of the ingredients. If I eat cereal in the morning, I will be hungry and sleepy within an hour. That’s just how my metabolism works, which is why unless it’s a weekend or I got a late start, I don’t stray far from oatmeal or yoghurt and granola. This Mesa Sunrise however, is made with really good things and it does not taste like cardboard, in fact, I think it tastes a little like pancake batter. The amaranth in particular is full of protein, which leaves me fueled for longer. Throw some blueberries and your favorite milk, and you are golden.
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For the trail… or your home: Rumpl Blanket
I confess to being swooned over into buying myself a Rumpl blanket through their gorgeous website and Instagram account. What better than wanderlust combined with coziness? Rumpl’s blankets use the same materials and features you find in sleeping bags or your favorite insulated jacket and with its water, stain and odor resistance, it is the perfect companion for your couch, bed or backpack. I took ours on our epic Lost Coast backpacking trip. Full disclosure, I am so glad we brought it, but I think I’ll get a smaller version for our backpacking trips, the one I have is a little too big (Charcoal Puffy in Twin size). On a particularly gloriously chilly morning during that trip, I wrapped Willow and myself with our Rumpl, and she started to fall asleep sitting up… Willow tested, Willow approved.
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Tune in: Django Reinhardt
I love music I can just play, but still stay focused on what I am doing, whether it is cooking dinner or feverishly working on editing photographs. Django never lets me down. I have no idea what album to recommend, because I just play his entire body of work on Spotify on shuffle.
Listen Here

Lusting after: Scotland
Have you ever traveled somewhere and have felt that place reach in and grab hold of every inch of your soul? Not knowing where to look first because you don’t want to miss anything, or feeling like you could pick up and move there in a heartbeat? Scotland made me feel this, and I have never forgotten it. I had always wanted to go, made it happen a couple of years ago and I have been longing to go back ever since. If the stars align, we will be getting our wish this coming fall, with the same friends we got to experience it with the first time. I cannot wait…
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