Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Currently Digging is a collection of things we have enjoyed throughout the month. Great Instagram accounts you should follow, stuff for you, for your dogs/cats, as well as great things to eat/drink or listen to; and of course, cannot forget a great read… However! for this last one, I am veering off the path and recommending a must-see documentary (I am behind on my reading 😀 )

So, here it is, what we have been loving this month of June…



Must See: The Champions a documentary film by Darcy Dennett
Chances are, if you are a dog person, you know about the horrific Michael Vick case. But before you shake your head and say “no! I can’t watch, it’s too sad!” hear me out. I am as sensitive to the subject of animal abuse as any animal loving human. I can’t watch those SPCA ads, and I have yet to not tear up with a good dog commercial. We know what that sorry excuse of a man did to these dogs, we don’t need to see it or re-live it. There is enough cruelty in the world as it is. But, this documentary focuses on all the incredible good that came out of that darkness. It does not linger on the abuse, it shines a light on the rehabilitation of the dogs, how everyone came together for them and how they ultimately left those chains behind to become what they were born to be: beloved family dogs. We need more kindness in these dark times. This is a beautiful film about the power of kindness, compassion and patience. Go see it, and tell your dogs how much you love them.
See it Here

Instagram Follow: @minimal.pup
If you love negative space, dogs and simplicity, definitely check out this lovely Instagram thread. Minimal Pup features beautiful photography of dogs from the Instagram world set in simple, clean spaces. The subjects themselves are often tiny in the scene, which is something I tend to do in my own photography. I love negative space, and the use of color. Unlike other pristine minimal accounts however, beautiful as they are, I like that Minimal Pup includes lots of color in the images they feature. And they give features to newer accounts, as well as well-known ones. And though I love Maddie and Momo, I do enjoy getting to know others that like ourselves, have a smaller, quiet following.
Follow @minimal.pup Here

Omega-3 Pet fish oils by Nordic Naturals
Nordic Naturals was recommended to me by Jodi Ziskin, The Healthy Pet Coach. Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA oils are a staple in taking a proactive approach to ensure your pet’s overall health. Helping support cellular health, immune system, skin and coat, joints, heart health, brain development and maintenance and eye health; adding this to your pet’s food is a no-brainer. The problem is, there are tons of options on the market, and not all are effective, most are expensive and high in mercury and some come from places where overfishing is a problem. All of these things are at the core of Nordic Natural’s mission: to provide the safest and most effective Omega-3 oils for humans and companion animals. My favorite thing about them is you can forget the guesswork on how much to give your pets, they recommend it by size and weight! No math needed (yay!). To learn more about Nordic Naturals, and read about their sustainability and high standards for quality, purity and safety, make sure and visit their website. I can honestly say, in less than a month of adding it to our pets’ diets, their coats have never been shinier; their eyes are bright and our old man Corbin is moving around a little easier at nearly 12.
Get it Here

For the taste buds: Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze by Munk Pack
My love and devotion for Munk Pack started when I laid eyes on their packaging, their branding and gorgeous website. Yes friends, I am a sucker for good branding and love comes in through the eyes, but devotion begins in the belly. Once I tried the delicious and madly convenient oatmeal fruit squeezes during a recent backpacking trip, I was hooked. Made with nothing but good stuff (non GMO, whole grain, gluten free and vegan), Munk Pack is a great way to get up and get going, or refuel before a workout or hike. I have been recently running first thing in the morning to escape the summer heat, and one of these babies is the perfect pre-run breakfast for me. I am particularly fond of their Peach Chia Vanilla, but other recipes include Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Blueberry Acai Flax and Raspberry Coconut.
Get it Here

For the trail… or the beach: Sunglasses by Nectar
I discovered Nectar sunglasses via our Cairn Adventure Box. Bill threw on the pair that came in our box last month and never let go. I got my own pair recently and I will never look elsewhere for sunnies again. Not only are they cool and stylish. Nectar eyewear is unbelievably comfortable, super lightweight and surprisingly, the frames stay put, regardless of what adventure you are on. Best thing yet? The price. I would invest in a nice pair of sunglasses every once in a while, but my wallet and conscience always hurt. Spending nearly $200 for an accessory you may end up sitting on, throwing in the precipice of your purse, covering in sunblock or having them knocked off your face by a dog who believes you need a facial… these days it didn’t make sense to me. I am a Nectar devotee for life. Beautiful, stylish eyewear for folks that never sit still, for roughly $40. Besides, I adore a company with a sense of humor.
Get them Here

Tune in: Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony
We are such huge fans of Gregory Alan Isakov, we once flew to Seattle to see him play with the Seattle Orchestra and on the day we flew back home to San Francisco, we caught his show at the Fillmore. Yep. We are that mad about him. This album, featuring the Colorado Symphony is nothing short of wonderful. Taking old classics and giving them a new spin and releasing a lovely new song named Liars. Isakov’s music is best enjoyed under the stars, or by a fire with your favorite beverage in hand.
Listen Here

Lusting after: Ink by Doctor Woo
I love my tattoos. I have 6 of them, and I have been slowly plotting my 7th for some time. I want a tribute to my soul canine friend, Willow the Wild, but I have been struggling with something that would be just right. I discovered Doctor Woo’s work through Instagram. I’ve seen some incredible tattoo art, but his is bar none in terms of delicate detail, fine lines and a softness unlike any other I have seen. I believe he is the one who could take this idea and whip it into something gorgeous, simple, elegant and very meaningful. Doctor Woo has a bit of a waiting list, but he is well worth the wait, like any great artist.
See more of his work Here

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    December 12, 2016

    Thank you for your mention of The Champions!!!! 🙂 Director/Producer Darcy Dennett