Posted on Jan 29, 2016

Currently Digging is a collection of things we have enjoyed throughout the month. Great Instagram accounts you should follow, stuff for you, for your dogs/cats, as well as great things to eat/drink or listen to; and of course, cannot forget a great read.

So, here it is, what we are Currently Digging in January…


Well Read: The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker, Sam Taylor (Translator)
In January, chances are we spend a little more time inside due to some serious weather (though I am NOT complaining at all about the glorious rain we have finally been getting in California!). This is the perfect excuse to curl up with a great read. I love a good thriller, who-did-it kind of story, and this book, given to me by my dad over Christmas had my nose deep in its pages for hours. I could not put it down. It is full of twists and turns and will keep you guessing till the last page. It is a fast-paced read and if you love to write, you’ll find the teachings of Harry Quebert very valuable.
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Instagram Follow: @whiskered_away
This month also goes to the cats. Of course, I love this account because Eevee (the kitty in question) is a Tortoiseshell like our Leeloo, but there’s much more to it than that; this is a hiking cat for one, how awesome is that! How I wish hiking with cats was a thing when Leeloo was younger, I would have trained her in a heartbeat to come hiking with me. Emily (Eevee’s person) is also an Etsy artist and a very talented photographer.
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Powder Hound™ insulated dog coat by Ruffwear
This is a hybrid jacket that offers the warmth of synthetic insulation with the range of motion of technical stretch fabric. I originally got this for both Corbin and Willow to wear while camping and keep them warm while sleeping in tents. Now, it has become our all around cold weather coat. It is light-weight, packable, warm but non constricting (just ask Willow who has no problem running like a maniac in it). It goes easy-on and easy off with zipper protection to avoid getting fur caught in it.
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For the tastebuds: Master Your Metabolism Cookbook by Jillian Michaels
Often labeled as TV’s toughest trainer, truth be told, I love Jillian, and I love her kind of tough. I have been doing her workout DVDs faithfully for years now; they are hard and they work. Do them diligently and follow her nutrition advice and you get results, fast. I also love her no-bull approach to health, there is no magic pill or diet, it is just common sense calories in/calories out and good nutrition is key for overall health. This cookbook has been on our kitchen counter since its publication and the pages are so dog-eared and splattered with signs of a well-loved cookbook. I especially love the black bean chili recipe. Each meal is fairly fast and easy and will tell you the benefits of all the foods you are consuming. It is a feel good cookbook in every way, delicious meals without sacrificing taste, I love this book because I know that anything I make from it will benefit our bodies and help keep us primed and fueled for hikes up steep mountains.
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For the trail… or your couch: Eco-Fleece Jogger Pants by Alternative Apparel
During this cold month and after (ahem) enjoying one too many holiday indulgences, I have been living in this cozy pair of sweats. They make great workout/dog agility pants as well, and you can dress them up in the cute way I have seen other girls dress sweats up on Pinterest. Super soft and cozy, the eco fleece is something else to feel good about while wearing these 6 days out of the week (no judgement).
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Tune in: Blackstar by David Bowie
I, like many fans worldwide felt cold and devastated when I learned that David Bowie returned to the skies as a bright star. I too grew up and was comforted by his music, he made us feel safe in the comfort that “different” is in fact “bad ass”. This album, released within days of his departure is now looked back on as his farewell to his fans. It is Bowie at his best and bittersweet. A whole artist, gentle and graceful till the end. Blackstar is on constant replay around here lately.
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Lusting after: Snowshoeing with Dogs
This gorgeous rain also means the sierras have been bombarded with a good amount of snow. I for one, cannot wait to drive up to Tahoe with our dogs and play in some powder. We had a blast last year in Truckee, spending a weekend filled with snowshoeing and testing some gear. If you’d like to read more about that, make sure to visit our 365 Dog Hikes Field Notes.