Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Currently Digging is a collection of things we have enjoyed throughout the month. Great Instagram accounts you should follow, stuff for you, for your dogs/cats, as well as great things to eat/drink or listen to; and of course, cannot forget a great read.

So, here it is, what we have been loving this month of August…



Must Read: A Woman’s Guide to the Wild: Your Complete Outdoor Handbook by Ruby McConnell
If you love the great outdoors and you happen to have ovaries, this book has to be on your shelf. Or better yet, in your car or backpack. It is a complete and friendly guide to everything outdoorsy, written by a female for a female audience. Important stuff is covered here, from feminine functions, to dealing with long hair when out in the wild.
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Instagram Follow: @flora.forager
This insanely beautiful grid belongs to Bridget Beth Collins, a botanical artist dedicated to creating masterpieces out of leaves and petals. She created the most incredible tribute to Gene Wilder on the day of his passing: A Willy Wonka figure made entirely out of flower petals. This is gorgeous, meticulous, simple yet stunning work. Follow her account for a daily dose of color and joy.
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Custom Pet Portrait Art Etchings by Greyboy Pet Prints
I love to see and support artists who work with their hands, keeping old traditions alive and bringing them to new audiences. Mandi Pratt learned to make beautiful etchings from her grandmother. Today, she is making them for anyone who wants to pay tribute to a great love. A custom etching would make an incredibly touching and personal gift for someone you love.
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For the taste buds: El Sully (Mexican-style lager) by 21st Amendment Brewery
A good, cold Mexican lager has always tasted like summer to me, maybe because I grew up spending our summers in the Yucatan Peninsula. On a hot, humid day, there is nothing more refreshing and relaxing. When I saw this Sully, I was immediately curious and skeptical (I was born and raised in Mexico); but I’ll try anything once! I had my first Sully on a California beach, far from my Yucatan playground… but at the first sip, I closed my eyes and I was back home. Well done 21st Amendment! Mexican tested. Mexican approved.
Here’s an extra tip: Mexican style lagers are best served in a “michelada” or “chelada” form. Google it. And if you want to gauge a good and authentic Mexican restaurant, look for these drinks on their menu!
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For the trail… or the beach: Wooden Spoon Herbs Herbal Bug Spray
Blood-sucking bugs… well, they just suck. I hate them. Ticks and mosquitoes especially. And nowadays with all the fear being caused by Zika, protection and prevention are key. I’ll never deny the effectiveness of DEET, it will repel anything, including other humans! But I can’t help but feel gross whenever I spray it on my skin, and I have actually found simple citronella to be more effective than Off! whenever I visit my family in Mexico, where mosquitoes are abundant. I found Wooden Spoon Herbs via Instagram, and took their Herbal Bug Spray on my most recent trip to Mexico. Now, since it is all natural, you need to re-apply often, but in all honesty, I have never had a better bug spray! It was so refreshing to apply, it being so hot and humid. I had no fears putting it on my face or my little nephews. It smells lovely and it is discrete. Definitely worth the numerous applications.
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Tune in: Natalia Doco
Adorable as it may sound, I discovered Natalia Doco through my father, who is a massive fan of discovering music on Spotify. He came across her while searching for French musicians (he is learning French too, eat your heart out) and loved her eclectic style. Natalia (fabulous name by the way 😉 ) sings not only in French, but Spanish and English. Though I prefer her singing in her native tongue, Spanish, with an Argentinian accent. I can’t really recommend one song or album in particular, I suggest you spend some time listening to it all and take your pick!
Listen Here

Lusting after: Oru Kayak
Bill and I count among our blessings, the ability to kayak to downtown Petaluma for a beer. We found our kayaks at a garage sale for an epic steal. But this is about lust, and lust I do, after these beautiful and portable Oru Kayaks. I dream of teaching Willow to ride in one with me, and to kayak down the Russian River. Sigh… hopefully someday.
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  1. Mandi
    September 12, 2016

    Hey Natalia and Bill,

    Thank you so much for including our etchings in your list! What an honor! Digging the other things you list here and am following Wooden Spoon Herbs and Flora.Forager now – thanks.