Posted on Sep 5, 2011

from the Design Lab

Can’t believe it’s September already! The arrival of a new month means the reveal of a new illustration in our Critter~a~Month series.

For September’s Critter, I decided to go with a Boston Terrier and enlisted the help of our friend and hero Jesse Freidin and his beloved sidekick Pancake, a 6 year-old Boston Terrier. We connected with Jesse through our mutual appreciation and love of film and the photographic analogue process. It is because of people like Jesse, Jonathan Canlas and Jose Villa as well as die-hard film lovers and supporters like us, that film photography will never die, we’ll make sure of that!
(for more on our film photography sessions, visit Photo Lab).

As for Pancake and Critter~a~Month, I decided to take a different approach this time. Since Pancake is a real dog, it was important to stay true to his individual looks and personality, so Jesse provided a couple of photos of Pancake as well as some information such as his favorite things, his birthdate and anything else that would help me in my illustration process. I also asked Jesse what his favorite things were to taylor this illustration a little more to him and Pancake; his reply was “my favorite color is blue and anything plaid.” It was such a fun combination!

So here is Pancake, September’s Critter~a~Month! A special dedication to Jesse, with thanks for letting us borrow his pup. Hope you enjoy this and if you have any ideas or suggestions for next month’s Critter, be sure to let us know by commenting below or on our new Design Lab Facebook Page. Happy Labor Day! 🙂

Pancake | Blue plaid by Aaris

What is Critter~a~Month?
Critter~a~Month is a project we began in January of 2011. Every month, I create an illustration of an animal (mainly dogs and cats but I will eventually add others to the collection), give it a name and personality and reveal it right here on the blog. Currently, I am alphabetically working my way down an encyclopedia of dog and cat breeds, with a few mutts here and there inspired by real pets.
Limited edition prints and other fun products will eventually be available for purchase on our Design Lab shop, which we are in the process of building.


  1. linda
    September 6, 2011

    you are AMAZING!

  2. linda
    September 6, 2011

    you are AMAZING… your work creative, fun, & so touchable!!


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