Critter~a~Month: May

Posted on May 30, 2012

from the Design Lab

Our May installment for our Critter~a~Month series marks the first set of 12 months! A full year of Critters already! But since there are so many more breeds to illustrate, I will continue drawing until I run out of dogs, and when that happens, I will move on to cats and so on… there is more than enough to draw from out there 🙂

May’s Critter is a Jack Russell Terrier named Joey! Jack Russells can be defined as a lot of dog in a little body. In the right hands and with the proper outlets and stimulation, Jacks can be so much fun, and incredible at learning new things, solving problems and needless to say, your home will forever be rid of unwanted house guests and pests (of any kind haha). Jacks are so smart and charismatic, they have made it into some serious Hollywood spotlights. Some famous Jacks include “Eddie” who appeared in the TV sitcom Frasier, a JRT named Cosmo played “Arthur” in the movie Beginners, “Milo” the hilarious dog in Jim Carrey’s The Mask was played by Max, and most recently, Uggie wooed audiences worldwide in his “silent” performance in the Oscar-winning movie The Artist.

Our next Critter will be a breed that begins with the letter K, any guesses or requests? Have a great week ahead!

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