Critter~a~Month: June

Posted on Jul 9, 2012

from the Design Lab

Our June installment for our Critter~a~Month series is a strong and rare breed of dog. The Karelian Bear Dog may look like a mixture of an Akita and a Border Collie at first glance but do not be fooled, this dog has a history, a personality and a desire to work very different from other dogs. Karelian Bear Dogs were originally bred to hunt game, including, as his name suggests, bears. It is considered a national treasure in his home country of Finland.

These dogs are fearless, courageous, strong and unsuited for small children and apartment life. They need space, love to be outdoors and these days have found jobs in Yosemite and Glacier National Parks running bears out of populated areas, for the safety not only of the people visiting the parks, but also for the safety and protection of the bears. Want to learn more? click here.

In honor of Karelians working to keep bears protected, we created Kodiak with a log cabin and all 🙂

Our next Critter will be a breed beginning with “L”, care to guess what it will be?

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