Critter~a~Month: January

Posted on Jan 26, 2012

from the Design Lab

We are very excited to share with you January’s installment for our Critter~a~Month series.

The months of November and December of 2011 proved to be one of our busiest seasons yet, we had so many great projects on the table that our Critter for December had to be shelved. This monthly ilustration is a great exercise in discipline, creativity and also a monthly reminder for us to always make time for personal work. We are grabbing January by the horns and starting it off with the first Critter of 2012.

Meet Petey! A little Dachshund with a big love of warm places to nap and squeaky toys.

Unlike some of our recent Critter illustrations, who are based on real dogs, Petey came from my imagination, but having known a few Dachshunds in my life, it wasn't hard to give him a personality.

Name February’s Critter~a~Month!
The next letter on our list is E. Do you know a dog breed that begins with that letter? Let us know! Go to our Facebook page and submit your dog breed on our wall, make sure and give it a name; to make it more challenging, have the name begin with an E as well! You have until February 10th, the new Critter will be revealed on February 14th! 🙂

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