Posted on Jun 22, 2011

from the Design Lab

Design Lab‘s Critter-a-Month project is a fun exercise in creativity and discipline for us. Every month, we will create an original illustration of an animal; we will give it a name and a personality (if they don’t have one already!) and reveal them right here, on the blog. Stay tuned, for we have big plans for these little guys at the end of the year!

We have a few critters to catch up on posting, but for today we have a couple of very special pups. Olivia, a Harlequin Great Dane and Charlie, a French Bulldog are this month’s critter illustrations. They are actually inspired by the real Olivia and Charlie, the beloved pack of our dear friend J. Nichole Smith (dane + dane studios). I draw mostly from whatever I find swimming inside my head, but I found this to be a great exercise, I had to make sure I got all of Olivia’s black spots in the right place! 😀

Would you like to see your furry friend Crittified? If so, let us know, and sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win your very own Critter-a-Month among many other fun goodies!


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