Client Love: Heart of The Labs

Posted on Jun 3, 2014
Client Love: Heart of The Labs

In photographing what we love and care about, we have managed to strike a chord with like-minded and passionate people. There is nothing quite like making a connection with a person over a shared love. Putting our heart and soul into everything we create has time and again left us humbled with the response from our clients.

Our number one goal for any photography session, whether it is a commissioned portrait, or a commercial/editorial shoot, is to create beautiful, artistic and engaging work while making it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, especially the dogs and cats being photographed. That connection and comfort, paired with our voice and style as artists is what ultimately makes our work what it is. Our work has an emotional response and that feedback is what keeps us going, working hard to be the best we can be.

Casting for our recent film really made us see how lucky we have been to have created such an incredible network. Not only was seeing all these faces again a fabulous thing in itself, now they will always be a part of us in the frames of this film.

See the film here.

HeartOfTheLabs_Linda_2 “The photos that they delivered…they made me cry.” — Linda

Linda and her dogs Kacee and Oscar were our first ever clients. It was Linda who planted the seed of photographing companion animals as a full-time job. She has since been our most devoted spokesperson and advocate and has been lovingly nicknamed our “fairy dogmother.”
HeartOfTheLabs_JaymiNiner_2 “Bill and Nat had such calm, patient energy that the photoshoot went super smoothly, we had a wonderful time.” — Jaymi

Jaymi and Niner have become one of our favorite teams to work with. Whether for commercial photo shoots or commissioned portraits, these two have such an enviable bond and connection, it makes them a dream to work with.
HeartOfTheLabs_Poppy_Jen_Steven_2 “It was just an immediate connection, we’ll have these photos forever and that makes Poppy timeless… so it makes us really happy.” — Jen and Steven

Jen and Steven are a perfect example of our core values when photographing families, honoring a bond and making a moment and a beloved dog (or cat) timeless. Photographing Poppy was like photographing sunshine.
HeartOfTheLabs_CameronCharlie_2 “Working with dogs and animals in general, you have to expect the unexpected. You have to improvise and really have a connection with animals, and both Nat and Bill do that. They are always able to get the best out of the dog.” — Cameron (Bark Magazine)

When Cameron Woo, creative director of Bark, contacted us with a request to photograph the cover for their spring issue, our jaws hit the floor. We had the pleasure of photographing the newest member of the Bark family of canines, a sweet little terrier mix named Charlie.