Celebrating Senior Dog Month

Posted on Nov 20, 2012






This post was originally written in 2012.

This November 23rd, our boy Corbin turns 8. Though he has somehow kept his puppy face, the graceful snowy sprinkle around his chin and muzzle has started to grow a bit more apparent against his jet-black coat. He looks beautiful and his eyes are even sweeter if at all possible.

Our hikes are not as long nowadays, and while we still try to hike his baby sister Willow daily since she needs the exercise, Corb is happy to skip a hike every once in a while and stay home to enjoy a marrow bone. Though I adore our new girl greatly and enjoy our hikes together very much, I do miss Corbin when he’s not there hiking with me.

When I look at him now I see just what a perfect dog he is and realized, a lot of that has come with age. He has always been wonderful, but the years have molded him into a one-in-a-billion kind of dog.
I don’t think of our boy as a senior yet, but as we get close to blowing another birthday candle so close to Thanksgiving, I am reminded to be grateful for our time together. And we treasure every single day we have with him and all our loved ones.

There are many experienced dogs waiting to love and be loved in shelters out there. The best way to celebrate Senior Dog Month is by adopting a senior dog, if you can’t adopt, consider fostering one. The holidays can be cold and lonely and make achy joints painful. What a gift it would be to have a warm bed by the fire to dream by. Give it a try, you might realize that love really has no age limit.


  1. Yukio
    January 3, 2014

    That’s beautiful. Did you guys come up with that line? It’s exactly how I feel about our old boy.

    • Bill & Nat
      January 21, 2014

      Hi Yukio, we did, penned by Nat Martinez 🙂 I’m happy it struck a chord with you.


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