An Enviable Bond : Jaymi & Niner

Posted on May 29, 2014
An Enviable Bond : Jaymi & Niner

: from The Photo Lab :


One of my favorite parts of our job as animal photographers is witnessing that powerful bond someone can have with a dog. Being invited into such an intimate experience is a privilege and we give it all we have to make sure our work honors and does justice to what we see.


Niner, a stunning Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix is a very special dog, he is brilliantly smart, agile and incredibly sharp. He needed a very special person to share his life with and thrive; someone exactly like Jaymi.



I adore seeing what true dedication and devotion looks like between a dog and a person. Jaymi has worked so hard in learning to understand Niner’s needs, fantastic brain and personality; and in doing so, they have had fun training together and learning tricks as well as exercising and going on adventures together.







The result of this devotion and dedication is a truly happy dog, who only has eyes for his family. A bright and inquisitive mind that is kept busy and challenged, and has earned him a devoted following on Instagram and a title as one of our favorite model dogs to work with on personal, editorial or comercial projects.



With such a great amount of values and interests shared, plus a genuine love for this dog, it was no wonder that we became fast friends with Jaymi and her family, and have since enjoyed going on hikes together with Willow and Niner, while geeking out on dog culture and cognition.





_PLB3727More images from this hike with Jaymi and Niner will be featured in our upcoming project 365 Dog Hikes 🙂

We may have taken lovely photographs of Jaymi and her family that chilly morning and gave them some incredible memories to hold on to as a family. But they in turn gave us an amazing gift, their friendship and constant support.

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