A Simple, Yet Heartfelt Tribute

Posted on Sep 11, 2011

from The Labs

Today is a day of remembrance, reflection and tribute. Today is the day when you remember not to part without saying “I Love You.” Today is a day to be grateful for everything we have. Today is a day to think about and comfort those in need. Today is the day to realize how precious and short life is as well as how uncertain. Today is the day to remember the 3000 souls that left us that day. Today is the day to remember those people that ran in to the flames as they helped others to get away from them. Today is the day we remember how we all came together that day. None of this is lost on us and we respectfully remember every person with a heavy heart. But today we wanted to pay tribute to the other heroes that don’t often make the front page. The heroes that were right there alongside unbelievably brave men and women at Ground Zero. Silent, four-legged heroes who searched the wreckage night and day never losing hope, and when things looked bleak, they were there to comfort the people who needed it the most.

This is our simple, yet heartfelt tribute to the hero dogs of 9/11.

Thank you so much to our Facebook fans for contributing these words about Search and Rescue Dogs. You made this possible.

Below are links to three articles and tributes that our friends have forwarded to us. A huge thank you to these friends for sharing them.

The New York Post 

The Dog Files 

Charlotte Dumas and the Portraits of 9/11 Rescue Dogs 



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