A Great Dane at a Great Beach : California Dog Photography

Posted on Aug 5, 2014
A Great Dane at a Great Beach : California Dog Photography

from The Photo Lab

It is no secret; puppies grow up way too fast. Nowhere is this truth more evident than watching a Great Dane puppy grow up.


This is the first of three portrait sessions in our Puppy’s First Year package. We absolutely love doing these. We get to see a dog grow up and photograph them at three different stages within their first year of life. The changes, especially in large dogs, are remarkable; so we were thrilled when Claire Dane’s family (get it? Claire the Great Dane, Claire Danes 🙂 )contacted us about doing the honors.




Claire’s family was initially worried that the foggy weather at Dillon Beach would not do much for our portrait session, but we were actually thrilled to see that lovely marine layer. Claire has the most stunning coat patterns and features, and the fog, light blues and taupe tones of the beach that day, combined with her moms’ black outfits, it was a dream of a color palette for us, and it all made Claire stand out from the environment.





Claire is your typical happy and healthy (and beloved) puppy. After an hour or so of running and digging in the sand, she started to get tired, and nothing sounded cozier than to come back in from the mist and settle in for a nice puppy nap.



Did you know that a dog’s pink/spotted nose will change throughout their life? The spots will change with age and weather, so it was definitely something we wanted to photograph.



We saw Claire and her moms again recently, and she had already grown so much! We are looking forward to the second session, and sharing her gangly, adolescent glory with you all.

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