6 Years of Good Luck

Posted on Apr 15, 2013

from the Photo Lab

Beefy, bruiser, house panther, a black Labrador trapped in a cat’s body, a silk brick… All accurate descriptions of our little buddy Artemis, formally known and loved by us as RT (RTD2 for the amount of squeaks, purrs and noises similar to the Star Wars droid).

RT turns six years old today, and since we adopted him from the Sonoma Humane Society at 7 months, he has brought us nothing but laughs, heavy/drooly cuddles, serenades and overall, 6 years of good luck. There is nothing more soothing on a hard day than a cuddle from this guy, and although we are battling a rare form of kidney disease, his ever sweet and optimistic personality and his Lab-like appetite give me hope of having his beautiful presence around for a very long time.

Happy birthday little buddy. We adore you.

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